Easter Egg in new main menu image?

In the new main menu image with the robot playing age, there is a bookshelf top right with 4 books on it. I can’t read what is written on the bottom book. The second book says “Age of Empires II”, the third book has nothing. The fourth book says “History IV”.
Age of empires 4 will make history?
Age of empires 4 will be all of history?
The screen to the right looks like it has code on it. Age 4 code?

The rest of the image has a few gems as well.
“Keep calm and 1010” on the wall.
There’s a build order on the post it note. I can’t read most of it. But step 3 looks like “lure boar”.
The keyboard is hilarious because it has dozens of buttons but they’re all 1 or 0


The last book says ‘History I - V’

So it’s an AoE5 Easter Egg!

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