This is an open map UNSAFE GOLD/STONE spawn maps strat. Also very good in UNSAFE gold/stone HYBRID MAPS with NO deep fish.

open 5 villagers on sheep
first villager trained from TC builds a house then goes to mining gold
all future villagers from this point will go to sheep.
once you have 225f and 125g click up the fast feudal age up and pull 5 food villagers onto stragglers;
once you hit feudal grab both gold villagers and build a stable and que immediately Desert Raiders; 2 villagers on gold will just be enough to keep producing the gold requirement needed to spam Desert Raiders.

You want to deny the unsafe resources; and you want to use MELEE attack whenever it is advantages which really is all the time if you’re not outnumbered/vs spears/nor under enemy defensive fire. Lastly, Desert Raiders CANNOT kill 2 archers in bow mode; BUT a Desert Raider CAN kill 2 archers in melee mode! Lastly the point to making a stable instead of an archer range is if forever reason the enemy is getting too many archers you can mix in a few horsemen to counter and soak for your desert raiders.

I pulled off a 2:44 feudal age up and was on top of enemy BEHIND THE BASE gold mine at 4:22. Only civs with units that early are English, French, Mongols, Ottoman, and only the English LONGBOW is the singular threat in the above example. everything else you can kite or outright kill.

Lastly archers are wood expensive; so if you can deny enemy wood; the enemy will struggle to sustain a consistent archer mass to counter your raider/horseman comp.

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This wing is funny yeah. I went for a simpler version with 3 on berries and 3 doing a quick long distance mining for the 25 missing gold (then they go berries) up to 8 on berries rest go wood on age up build a stabble make horsemen and reach his base between at like 3;30 min after that you can continue to all in or go for a second TC.

Ayyubids wing are very fun and wild. In another game I went bazaar for some bedouins then went for a fast-ish castle with the growth wing (8 extra vills) and realized I could go straight to imp with the advancement wing there is something funny in spamming elite ghulams at 14 min, the eco isn’t even bad as you get some extra vills and traders from the bazaar + the extra 8 from the castle growth wing it’s just very gold dependant and requires a bit of luck from the bazaar.

Though I have no doubt that the meta will set on some wings or even wing chains over all the others it’s still cool to have a civ with an age up system that encourages you to be very creative.

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3 long distance will save the 50w for berries and faster food; much faster idea!!!

BUTTT? Doing so means you wont be getting a raider out; but a standard horseman; which is good if the enemy resource is completely unsafe; otherwise you’ll want the potential range attack of the desert raider.