Easy idea to pull up Russia from bottom tier

The Russians have a powerful early attack.

They can’t have a choice for the other second half while maintaining a strong early attack.

Although they lose some of the strelets, they can start with one more settler and have more settlers with their settler cards. This will certainly give the Russians more advantages than focusing on early attacks.

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It is a distinctive feature of the Portuguese.

The Russians are not so terrible a design as to borrow the characteristics of other civs.

while i overall think russia could use some buffs, i think what you suggest would make them absolutely broken.

other more reasonable ideas i could think of:

stronger grenadiers, give them a higher boost from being the royal guard

increase their fort limit, their base fort limit is only 1, basically makes the russian fort strength useless since you really wont ever have more than 1 fort.

give a tier 4 upgrade to strellets that make them significantly better, maybe something along the line of the old han reform

give fully upgraded blockhouses more HP, 3000 is kind of low considering the limits and the amount of resources goes into it.

The problem with a lot of the suggestions I think here is that they will mess with the identity of the civ. And some buffs could make that civ broken.
A game against the Russians will usually be decided on the first 10min of the game,) as the other civs will either hold the rush or not.
Their rush is fast and ridiculously strong, and they have the upper hand against civs like french and Dutch.
But they have terrible match ups such as India.
As a result of that their fortress and their mid is weak as a compensation.
The reason why they are not so strong on DE can be simply because the maps now have more resources in base, benefiting defensive civs while legacy maps would highly benefit aggressive civs.

You get one shot with Russia and that is the problem. If they block your rush (which good players will) you are screwed cause your units will never be as strong as them endgame. A good fix would be to make Russia max pop larger. Makes no sense historically that they are not.

Strelet horde sucks. I am not sure anyone uses that. It is too late game to matter.

If those cards get buffs, they will be more chosen.

Russia actually isn’t strong early age 2, although it can still make a decent timing with a strong unit shipment first. Russia’s strength lies in it’s cost-efficient units and scaling. The more they trade and keep pop of armies down, and the longer they keep opponent in age 2 (in general) the better.

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Yeah the problem is with the new map changes it has made them much weaker. Everyone has plenty of meat now so map control is hard as hell with Russia now. They just need some love in the DE.

I agree, but compare to FF or FI or booming, Russia is really strong at early age2, only…

As we can see, Russia is far from bottom tier. If you still do not believe it, watch the ESOC finals tournament. Link: Live Today: ESOC GoodHouse Cup Finals

Russia isn’t forced to go for an all-in rush. Simply going for an early attack and keeping mapcontrol is enough to win in this game. If the Russian opponent is aging, Russia can push and win. If both are staying Age 2, then Russia is getting ahead because their villagers build 30% faster and cost 10% less. Russia also keeps control of the vast majority of map ressources with their 2 Blockhouses, mass Kossaks and army. Kossaks are some of the strongest Age 2 units in the game due to their upgrades.

Russia has mapcontrol and map vision. The Russian opponent simply cannot know what the right play is. Its impossible to tell if Russia is gearing up for a big attack or aging up in the background. If you decide to push into 2 Blockhouses, you take a big risk. If you find that Russia has a sizable army, then Russia will just happily fight you. Because Russia is great at trading units. It is always in their favour in the long run.


Totally agree.
I don’t see how people see this civ as weak.
The amount of unis they can mass early on is ridiculous and even if you kill their whole army and they will just almost instantly remass.
It doesnt feel like that civ is weak at all when I am playing against them

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From your record, we understand pro is OP not Russia.
This reason is same as pro can deal with Sweden/Japan and prevent their boom, this doesn’t not mean these civ not OP.
If showing a pro won a game with this civ means this civ is OP, Youtube has many record videos…

Why does Russia need to control map? Because if they don’t do so, they MUST lose and they are forced to do so. However, map control is not good facing Japan/Sweden/Inca, Rush civs has natives/India/Otto, FF has Otto/Spain. Just showing one or two advantages doesn’t mean they are OP, other civs are having one or two pages advantages.

If you really don’t know how to fight against, just use it and you will know.

Why I consider Japan and Sweden are OP? I used them and the result they really are, also many figures are showing the reasons. Thats why many people are complaining these two civs.

I am also weak at defending Az rush, but is that means they are OP? At least I never said that.

There must be a reason why the main group people are thinking the same and even some of them are very professional to show the figures/data (not me, I am lazy to do this).

On no tp map russia is top tier civ, they are bottom on tp map. The game is super unbalance on no tp map, like otto or france are quite bad on them

Could they just give the Russians one more vil at the start. Than add a age 3 card that makes musks and Cossacks only 10% weaker but slightly slow production time or slightly increase cost.

One of main point is Russia is almost need to age up with 14 vils, and is slow than French 12/10 and lose eco.

I know they are supposed to be a little slower, which is fine. With the current meta though the civs that are lower tier are the ones that are late getting to age 2. Also if you go up on 14 vils, then your eco is bad, 17 and you are late getting up and your chance to rush is gone.

Even Russia age up with 14 vils, I consider it is slow already, compared to native/India rush, French 12/10. Not even mention French 12/10 has better eco (14.4 vils) than Russia.

Russia 17 vils age up seems can only be applied in team game.

French 12/10 is no longer viable though
Unless you get a good food treasure or are in a livestock map.
Also russia can make units as soon as they hit age 2 and ship units forward, while french still can only build their military building after they hit age 2 and them make units from it.