Easy QoL to add with big benefits

I know there are many QoL threads that is around, but I find a lot of those suggestions are hard to implement with little benefit or are related to single player mode or is related more to the in game balance changes.

Thought I would create a thread that ONLY contains QoL wish list that would be easy to implement for devs and would have a big impact on the multilayer scene.

My suggestions:

  1. expand the ladder to contain max elo
  2. expand the player profile to include Max elo, most used civ, last 5 games result etc…
  3. place color border on profile to indicate elo level (example white = 1100-1300 elo, yellow = 1300-1500, orange = 1500-1700, dark green = 1700-1900, dark blue = 1900+)
  4. enable players to check deck in casual lobby
  5. show friends online status (online, away, in game etcc)
  6. Fix casual lobby to sort by how many players allowed in game
  7. enable to check player profile while searching qs game
  8. able to search player by name

And remove the 10mn wait when a player is back Windows. I don’t know if it’s easy to do.

I’m not sure if this easy or how readily available they can extract data from multilayer games, but another thing they could add is a notice board in the multilayer section that gives you a scrolling notification about your current streak, your best civ in last 10 games, biggest movers on the ladder in last few days / week, when someone takes the no1 spot in the ladder etc…

That would be really cool