Eco and upgrades late game

In the current state of the game is a high villager count needed to make it worth to upgrade the eco-techs and in case of Cupellation is never worth it

with games with 140+ villagers and the high cost to return the investment the games stale sometimes

so i wanted to suggest a change in upgrades that u need less villagers for a bit better eco that we get bigger army to eco ratio
and i think the upgrades need give 2x times value instead of the 15% now up to 30% the value to do that

lets say for easy math all 3 upgrade of each ressource give currrently ~50% more than base and u need 80 farmers to substain constant unit production as example
that change would result into 100% more so only 60 farmers would be needed if the value of the eco upgrades are double

for 140vill now would have the same eco as 105 then while we would need more to build like 20-30 supply army more would result into about 110-115 vill games then 130-150vills as example

in general i think it would be much nicer more flexible and more dynamic if the late game would need less worker

it would allow more fronts,
better takedown of defensiv postion,
better raiding,
different options to defend ( small army instead of towers and walls)
lower numbers of vills are easier to replace in a big hit
it would be better to watch late game then now,
it might give reason to play the late game more
it would result into a slightly faster gamer
it could change trade early game

at last i would also propose a buff to Cupellation in specific the last mining tech upgrade that currently is useless
so it should also effect traiding as a age 4 tech for gold generation it wouldn’t become to powerful
if thats the case it should be renamed as something like Gold Purification or Amalgamation

What are your thoughts how to improve the game

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I think that the walls benefit the boom game, and since landmaks are repaired with wood, they prefer not to risk being offensive