Economy Bug: Food & Farms

Game Version:

  • Build (####): newest (as of 18.11)
  • Platform: Steam


After building one farm wiht many vills, they dont split up to already built farms

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Build 5 farms
  2. take vills off the farms
  3. take 6 vills and build one NEW farm
  4. one vill will work on farm, rest will idle instead of going to idle farms

Can confirm for Steam version 101.101.32911.0

For some reason, if the farms are already built and you task all your villagers to gather food from one farm, they will behave as intended and spread out to all the farms.

But as ViridBirch described above, if you have the same amount of farms already built and you task the villagers to build a new farm together, after said farm is built, all but 1 villager will go idle.