Economy points in summary

No idea if this is a bug or intended but for sure it’s not intuitive. I had 2-3 more resources than any other player and still was on 8th place in total points (the bottom one is me):

Food - 15k less than 1st place
Wood - 48k more (!) than 2nd place
Stone - 3.6k more than 2nd place
Gold - 79k more (!) than 2nd place

As summary I had over 240k resources gathered and all other players had around 90-120k.

If anyone asked how I did it - naval map, focus on trade ships (as french), then wonder and just defending it. I ended up with over 50k unused resources.


Thanks @ElChupacabraPOL! We’re aware of some issues with score—the team is on it. Appreciate the report!