Economy Scores

Hi guys.

I have been experiencing some weird issues with end-game scores. I don’t know what else to try or I clearly don’t understand something. In regards to economy score, how it is possible that I have 115 villagers, I had more resources than the enemy and a 2nd TC, I had a market and did all the upgrades on mills etc.

I normally end with a score of 1.9K but the enemy had 4K economy score? How is this even possible? How does the game determine the score because I don’t know anymore?

When I win, my resources are usually double or more than the enemy’s, but my score is half theirs

Yea it’s really stupid. I just had another match now, I did the best in the economy but my economy score was nearly the lowest like wtf. See the screenshot. My ign is RaZoR

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and. Recently I won 10 games in a row, but elo only increased by 50~70, I only choose abbasid