Economy Scores

Hi guys.

I have been experiencing some weird issues with end-game scores. I don’t know what else to try or I clearly don’t understand something. In regards to economy score, how it is possible that I have 115 villagers, I had more resources than the enemy and a 2nd TC, I had a market and did all the upgrades on mills etc.

I normally end with a score of 1.9K but the enemy had 4K economy score? How is this even possible? How does the game determine the score because I don’t know anymore?

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When I win, my resources are usually double or more than the enemy’s, but my score is half theirs

Yea it’s really stupid. I just had another match now, I did the best in the economy but my economy score was nearly the lowest like wtf. See the screenshot. My ign is RaZoR

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and. Recently I won 10 games in a row, but elo only increased by 50~70, I only choose abbasid

same bug here

Military score is also often not representative of the actual match. The score screen is so ambiguous and inconsistent, I don’t even look anymore.

Neither it is tech score. Delhi doesn’t get a single point from research, and always end the game with the lowest tech score…

In general score is all bugged. It is useful only to check stats like kills, total gold, etc…