Edge Scrolling Issue

Everything was fine last night around 10:30pm, but today I get off work and when I play a game and use my mouse to edge scroll the map, even though I back off the edge, it still keeps floating in the direction I scrolled. If I edge scroll fast, the map will get moving so fast, that when I back off, I’m already edge scrolling the other way flinging the map the other way.

So I went to play a standard game to mess with the settings, and nothing, the game is working just fine, so I load up multiplayer again, and it’s still doing it. I tried 3 games before coming here and all 3 seem to have a light speed/lag issue and all did this edge scroll thing.

Thanks for any advice

Hi @NWOrphans, Are you having the edge scrolling issue with Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition or another game?

Sorry for taking so long, Definitive Edition

First and foremost, this happened the day I came home from work and downloaded the last update, forgot to mention that

What was actually happening, some setting just keep changing for no reason. I would load an unranked match and things I didn’t even know what they did, would be different and the other players will tell me to fix it. That day I posted my edge scroll issue on the forum, my control settings were different (I have never adjusted them) so I didn’t think that was the problem because it had yet to mess with my control settings, just the match settings. When I was adjusting the scroll settings to fix this, it seemed like nothing was changing, so I read an article about it and it seemed like what I wanted was the scroll inertia to be at zero, so I adjusted it, nothing and I quit for the day. The next day I came home, it worked fine and haven’t had the problem since.

I’m guessing it was some kind of glitch or something after the update that fixed itself. Doesn’t really make sense but it’s the only sense I can make of it

@RadiatingBlade Bumping this one. This happened to me today. Running DE on Steam, version 101.101.45340.0 6228353. I can’t play any game because the camera scroll to the left and then to the top of the map.

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I have exactly the same issue as you (since the latest patch or the one before) and reported it 2 weeks ago in this thread: Screen scrolling bug.

Zero response. Devs do not seem to give a ■■■■ or even have the proper etiquette to pretend to care.