Editor have some problems

Game Version:

  • Build (34055)
  • Platform (Steam)


Editor have some problems.
I’m try to modify some attributes of hero, but it’s doesn’t work.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open Triggers
  2. Create a new Trigger
  3. Click button to create a new C.
  4. Switch to
  5. Switch to
  6. Switch to any hero, like
  7. Switch to
  8. Switch to
  9. set a value, 100 or 50.
  10. Then, test, and it won’t work.

  • Set line of sight -> work
  • Set base armor -> not work
  • Set attack -> not work
  • Set hit points -> work
  • Set movement speed -> work
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Set line of sight

Set base armor

Set attack

Set hit points

Set movement speed

I’m not sure why you guys does not limit the number of pictures up but only limit new user can only attach one picture in on reply.
which adds extra overhead to the server and confuses users like me.
But it’s ok, please help me solve my problem thank you.

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Honestly, I doubt they will go in and fix any of the editor bugs (even if there are a lot of them), since it clearly is not a priority for them, considering these errors (and many more in editor) has been present in every single version of Aoe2 (classic, HD, going all the way into DE). Which basically shows me that most of the positive changes to AoE2 has been visually, not gameplay or game mechanics (or editor for that matter)

Yes, I think so, but I still need to report this issue for them. Maybe when they solve the problems with higher priority, they will start to solve the problems with lower priority. The decision version will be the last version of the Age of Empires. Players have the right to claim a game without functional bugs.

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Update 35584 this issue still not been fixed.

I even want to create a ticket to tracing this issue. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: