Editor Mode Resource Generator

I realize this isn’t the ‘ask for help’ page but this page gets a lot more attention. Couldn’t help myself. 11

But in Editor mode, while creating a map, is there a way to make a building generate resources or is that a mod that would need to be downloaded?

I wanted a building(s) just like on the former competitive map ‘Aftermath’ where the 2 trade workshops generate resources for whoever controls the building. Any help would be appreciated.

I looked everywhere on Reddit/google and couldn’t find the desired topic


Nevermind, I think I found the solution under triggers in editor mode. Just pretty complicated. Trying to learn. Thnks

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Shouldn’t be complicated - you can access those same buildings by unhiding them in AGE, then placing them on your map. Triggers can modify the amounts of each resource, as with the Feitoria, and you can even change the appearance of the buildings to whatever you want. There’s also a very janky way you could do this with “Own Objects” and a looping tribute trigger, but hopefully that’s not what you’re doing.

They should really unhide the Battle Royal Trade Workshop.
Just give it a different name like with the captureable torches.

You can do the same with monuments btw. I like doing that because it works as eyecandy and resource source.