Editor: Trees placement/deleting bug

Currently, when you place trees with brushes of any size in the Editor, and then delete them or some of them, the tile(s) where a tree was placed formerly are still marked by the game as “occupied” and no tree of the same category can be placed there afterwards (even after reloading the scenario).
Those tiles do not block unit pathing/access, nor prevent the placement of other objects than specifically the very same Tree type that used to be placed on these tiles.

I don’t consider this a bug.
This is just how terrain works in AoE2. When you place trees as terrain, you’re placing the underlying terrain with a tree on top. If you then delete the tree, the underlying terrain is still the same, so trying to add that terrain to the same spot reads as doing nothing.
I also don’t understand why this is a problem. You can manually replace any trees you manually deleted, or just toggle to a different terrain type which will successfully replace the terrain on which you deleted trees.

I’m using the scenario editor since AOK launch and I can tell this is coming from last update and is indeed a bug.

Currently, if you delete a tree of type X placed on tile Y, you cannot place back any tree of type X again on this tile unless you place a tree of any other type than X on tile Y first.

This is complete bugger. Any user familiar with the scenario editor will tell you how annoying this can be.

We’re already tracking this, but this isn’t new from the last update.
Thanks for your report :slight_smile:

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