Egypt Nizam revolt: pure delicious cheese

I want to write this just to note a “build” i guess that I like to use in less serious games. Definitely not viable in any competitve setting but fun for FFA settings , especially with 2 player FFA.

The “goal” is to max out upgrades for building HP, Jans cards ( combat, cost reduction, advanced arsenal) + a few eco cards and then revolt into Egypt which after a card will allow you to train Guard level Nizam Fusilier, an absolutely ridiculous unit and then spam forts and nizam around the map and grind your opponents into submission. You get a Mamluke with every shipment which you can use to tank your way to victory as well.

Each fort you build means faster reinforcement ,more cover fire and also the opponent has to make mortars and less units which the nizam can melt through.

The nizam counters everything depending on the stance and the cost reduction makes them cost effective against basically everything.

Here is a deck


You so nasty. I hate those things. The fort dimension is over the top.

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True in this build you get down and dirty dumping forts everywhere. You also kinda need forts to build the units though

I wish Egyptian revolution uses a proper Egyptian Infantry instead of using Ottoman Nizam soldiers.


Im trying to combat my natural urge to nerf anything that interferes with my win rate however I must admit this particular unit gets me twitching more than any other.

Whenever I see that block of zizams coming at me early game I often want to break my keyboard.

Whenever I see someone crying about ott’s being weak I shake my head. Saphis, mamalukes and nizam are some of the strongest early units of the game.

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