Egyptian Campaigns

I think AOE1: DE is the best, and the Egyptian Campaigns are the best of those. You feel like you went back in time–like the one where you build the pyramid. A quick question. When it is 7-8 against 7-8 in a battle, is it best to concentrate your forces on one opponent at a time, or is it more economical to let everyone fight everyone, the way the A.I. manages things? Everything happens so quick it is kind of hard to tell.


The AI can actually hold a grudge against you so if you anger all of them at the same time they will all come for you at once which is why I think it’s best if you target them all individually.


I mean like in one little group of 7 or 8 enemy units all within two square inches or so. You think these should be fought individually?

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In that case, fight them all at once using attack move.