El Cid help please!


Can anyone help me locate the 4 relics for the scenario “The Enemy of my Enemy”
in the campaign El Cid?

I can only find , destroyed everything on the map and cannot find any trace of the 4th relic.
Help please so I can move on …

There’s one all the way to the left unless you have it


Can’t find any there. When you say Left side, do you the left side of the entire map?
I checked all along the left side, even cleared out all the trees just in case, no luck.
thanks for the info tho.

Hmm I will need to look at the map myself

here is the saved game. I hope this makes it thru the censors …

There should be 3 Relics on the very left :


right beside a Gaia Monastery and some neutral Monks.

The final one is in Blue’s Monastery in his base. Either that or it’s somewhere on the map, but the Blue Monks usually picks it up or something. I don’t remember. If it’s not on the map, it’s probably in his Monastery.

I’ve leveled every building that I can target. There are no monasteries left.
I posted a link to a saved game above.

Sorry, my bad, I thought you were talking about the first mission.

The Relic is hidden behind this stone wall in the middle of the city.

Got it!, thanks so much!

I have followed the steps outlined here but Its still not showing up. I found 2 hiding behind the wall, but my priest can’t find anything else there. Those walls can’t be torn down. There are no more monasteries or castles left standing. Any chance that by killing a monk the relic is destroyed?

If you post a savegame, then maybe someone finds the time to find those relics for you