El Cid Mission 4: Black Guards --- do destroying the transports really do anything?

Hello everyone. So I have played the El Cid campaign a dozen times in HD and recently I have completed it on DE. Now…I have always been perplexed with the side quest that the Imam at the mosque gives you: destroy the Black Guard Navy transport ships (yellow player) and you will “cut off the stream of reinforcements from the enemy”.

But…every time I have done so, nothing seemed to happen. Plus, the transport do not really do anything other than move around the ocean side of the map. So I am asking all of you: does completing that side-quest really do anything (scripted) to El Cid Mission 4?

I saw this information from T-West’s El Cid pacifist challenge.

The AI stops training warships. I don’t know which players AI or all of them. You have to convert mosque first as you mentioned. The mission was destroying Docks right? This makes much easier. Just ignore land and transport heros into little island while having some monks or ships.