El Juego se desinstala solo

Tengo el AOE 4 en Xbox PC Games, y ya van 3 veces que el juego se DESINSTALA SOLO y tengo que volver a descargarlo, es bastante raro ese problema, pero creo que pasa cuando la app de Xbox en PC se tiene que actualizar. quiero informar de este problema para saber si tiene solución o si a alguien mas le pasa lo mismo, Saludos

Thank you for reporting @EvilestCord62! This is a strange one!

When your game is in the uninstalled state, is the Age of Empires IV folder in Documents/My Games still present? If so, could you please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file? We definitely would like to know what’s going on here.

Much appreciated!

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demasiado raro , usas onedrive? eso causaba problemas en el pasado…

Hi Dude.
Sorry for the delay in responding, the truth is that the problem is no longer present at the moment, I think it was since they added the function that the game resid the updates or patches in the game and not from the application. The problem occurred when I had to update the xbox games pc app and update the game. But for now I have no problems. Thank you very much for your attention, the game is very good, it just needs more monthly content and weekly patches. Greeting

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