Elephant tusk attack speed is now 5.75 when it previously was 2.75

Before anyone says it, I’m not talking about animation canceling. Just assigning an elephant to attack a building has slowed down since the last patch. Battering rams do 200 damage every 5 seconds. Having an elephant do less than half of that (100 every 5.75) feels pretty weak given their cost. Five battering rams (1500 wood) out damage 10 elephants (4000 food and 6000 gold).

This wiki page shows the old attack speed:

Thank you for the report @ReignOfError582. We’re aware and will continue to watch how Elephants behave as we work to balance in the future.

After the new patch I did some more looking into this. Elephants now show a 2.75s tusk attack speed on their tooltip when out of combat BUT when they are attacking a building it immediately changes to 5.75 seconds (and it also attacks at the 5.75 second speed).

Appreciate you keeping on top of this. There’s a fix in the works, but I’m not sure when it’s coming. Working on it :slightly_smiling_face:!

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