What is up with elephants? nothing in the game says its good against them. nothing worked spears moa archers crossbows siege. they tanked like 4 different armies and just wouldn’t die… Are they broken or do we just put elephants in a game with no counter. camels used to be good in the old games and monks too with conversion but now i just feel like its brokenly overpowered. yikes not fun.

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kill any monks healing the elephants then they go down fairly easily with plenty of counters. Abba has an easy time with spearmen + camels. Ottoman Janissaries are super counters. Basically any gunpowder, spearmen of course. Springalds, crossbows. I think they can be converted too.

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Horse archers did bonus damage against elephants in AOE2.

In AOE4, there aren’t many counter distinctions, but simple mobility (movement speed)…

Elephants are actually considered quite weak in the meta right now and not many people make them. In imperial age they are countered by any gunpowder units because their high base damage doesn’t overkill like it does with other units. Otherwise War Elephants are countered by spears and crossbows, while Tower elephants are hard countered by Horsemen and spears to a lesser extent. Do NOT attempt crossbows vs Tower elephants, since Tower elephants are not considered heavy units, and Xbows get countered very hard.

You’re wrong. The only bonus cavalry archer have in AOE2 is vs spearmen.


What twilight world have I entered here :scream:

Elephants are terrible for their cost, everyone that actually plays the game and their neighbours dog is asking for elephant buffs. And CA never remotely had bonus Vs elephants.

What alternate reality is going on here


This is cavalry archers in AoE2


Mangudai has a bonus against elephants if you didn’t know…

And You are wrong again.
Mangudai has a bonus against siege weapons, not elephants in AoE2


Maybe fact check before claiming stuff that is just outright wrong like this. It’s not an opinion, the Mangudai objectively does not have bonus damage against elephants.


:joy::joy::joy: What is going on

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I feel you bro…one one hand I know… its a freaking ELEPHANT it should be hard to defeat ok… but the other day one sent like a mix of 25 elephants… really… they beat all I sent in seconds they are broken or what??? now they say that specific units counter them but how to know that during the match??? should I memorize all that info? dang…

Are you just making random things up? Or is there somewhere you’re getting this bad information or what?

Elephants are considered very weak right now and generally not worth making.

They are just too costly for how easily they die. They are very expensive and take 3 pop space. You’d probably be better off with 3 knights.

LOL, and you kids are wrong again!
Some elephants such as the Ballista Elephant is considered as siege…
You don’t know anything about AOE2!!!

Stop spreading misinformation!!!

They deal bonus damage to siege. Not to elephants. Just because certain elephant units have the siege armor class doesn’t make Mangudai deal bonus damage to elephants. Get your facts straight already. You’re the one spreading misleading stuff.


The Ballista Elephant unit is the unit with elephant.
What do you mean???

You need to check your comment…
That unit is dealing bonus damage bcse it is a siege, cavalry class.
OMG, you need to get your mind together.

So, dealing bonus damage to The Ballista Elephant is not bonus damage. Noice logic…

Very interesting…
And you have more than 1 account.
Very interesting.
I wont get your logic, you are out of this world…

The Mangudai deals bonus damage to the following armor classes:

  • 3 vs Siege Weapons (5 for elite)
  • 1 vs Spearmen


The Ballista Elephant has the following armor classes:

  • -2 for Cavalry
  • -2 for War Elephant
  • -2 for Siege Weapon
  • 0 for Unique unit

Dealing bonus damage to the ballista elephant is of course bonus damage. But it’s not ANTI-ELEPHANT bonus damage. It’s anti siege weapon. Your argument was that it dealt anti-elephant damage. It doesn’t. Dealing anti siege damage to an elephant unit is not the same thing as dealing anti elephant damage to all elephant units. Like you yourself said:

And one more thing.

What? Who? And what makes you think this, because I don’t, and to claim I do is just straight up wrong.

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This subotai guy seems to just be a complete troll.


Some AOE2 Elephant units are considered as siege.
This is why Mangudai deals bonus damage.

So it is dealing bonus damage to specific elephant units…
You are our of your mind…

Elephants have really large… Trunks

Yes, I’m not denying this, I literally showed it in my post above. My issue, is how you worded your first post that started this nonsense.

Maybe it reads differently in your head, but to me, that means that Mangudai explicitly deals bonus damage to the War Elephant armor class. Dealing damage to the siege class, and having elephants receive bonus damage from that isn’t the same. It’s not a blanket bonus damage, it’s not bonus against elephants in general, just bonus damage that happens to affect several elephant units.

You know you’re super toxic right?

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