Elite Boyar and Teutonic Paladins

Teuton Paladin is better than Elite Boyar in every way. While there is a limited window Elite Boyar could be better. It still requires a castle to be made whereas Knights just need stables and can be made from the get go.

1v1 the fight is even. But not cost effective long term for the Boyar. In mass battles. It usually favours teuton paladins and in terms of reinforcements. Teutons also get the edge as stables are easier to make than Castles.

I hate to say it but either Teutons get a nerf or Boyars from Slavs get a buff.

I dont mind how the slav unique unit is buffed or how the teuton paladin is nerfed but it cannot remain like this as it takes away the very niche the boyar specialises in and you as the devs of this game can’t let that happen.

So here are some ideas:

Give Boyars +10 to +15 HP and/or

Give Boyars +1 Attack and/or

Give Boyars +0.05 speed and/or

Reduce Cavalry Armour Bonus of Teutons to just +1

We can all agree paladins with +2 melee armour makes no sense. And at the very least of all these proposed changes. Reducing it to +1 would help alot. Boyar could at the very least get a hp and speed buff. As 1.3 speed makes them worse as target finding even after husbandry. 1.35 speed gives them a happy medium.


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Swapping the gold and food cost could work with a HP buff. At least they should be better than Teuton Paladins at melee combat.

btw Boyars are not underwhelming and they show the strenght of Paladins

They do, since they are slow Paladins on a civ that has underwhelming Trash. It also goes with the Teutons civ identity of being slow but undeniable.
You either deal with them before they get at your doorstep, or you will have to lose economy to them.

Boyars and Slavs are also pretty strong as it is. No UU needs to be stronger than a base unit, which is why why many UUs do not see regular play. The only job of a UU, is to be Unique. Boyars accomplish this by being the Slavs unique version of the Paladin.

With Druzhina Halbs, Slavs should have no trouble with Teuton Paladins anyway.


You guys also have to consider the civs itself.

Why you think Slavs have no Paladins? Because combined with their food bonus it would be completely inbalanced and too strong.

The Boyar now is already way closer to the Paladin after they got +1 more armor against archers, which already was a HUGE upgrade for them. Buffing them more is just too much.


This argument is bad. I could also say OMG buff woad raiders because japanese champions are better!


True, and good reasoning.
Slavs can outproduce both Teutons and Franks in Food.

Keep in mind that Boyars rarely will clash with Paladins, for that task is better superior Slavic Halberdier with Druzhina. I even remember a video of Frankish Paladins defeating Boyars.

In don’t mind Teutons getting nerfed, they are now in a decent spot, and buffing the Boyar is risky with that monstruous armor of 9/7, just -5 gold cost maybe.

In all fairness woad raiders are much faster than Japanese infantry so they do have their distinct role. However I don’t care too much about Teuton palas and boyars being so close from each other as both their civs are already so similar.

The balance is going a bit overboard with combat bonuses recently. Teuton armor bonus affecting both Infatry and cavalry, isn’t it a bit too much spread?

But in TGs that was the point of Boyar, to counter Paladins while being good at raiding yourself

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Boyars are much more expensive than knights and slower.
And Teutons have good halberdiers to counter Boyars very effectively.

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I wouldn’t call it much more, like 5 more gold and 10 less food. They also used to be faster than a knight

Is fine and gives the Teutons a good identity.

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