Elite Eagle Warrior Cosplay



Metal Spear and metal Greaves, not accurate, not even to the ingame model.

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Wow, It really looks great ! I have always huge enthusiasm and respect for cosplaying people. I’m by myself ealry imperial Roman legionary reenactor.

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Indeed, there was no ironware in American civilization at that time.

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WOW! That’s cool!I’m thinking of cosplaying something else units next year.


Keep it on because It looks fantastic.

Nice work! Really good finishes!

thank you very mach :smile:

Hmm, that’s awkward. You know, if it’s silver it doesn’t mean it’s metal right ? Shiny doesn’t mean metal either, some paints give this aesthetic :confused:

And about the in-game modele : image

Sorry, but to me this is pretty much accurate and that’s hypocrite to say otherwise.

According to my observation, there is only one red circle on the each leg of the elite Eagle Warrior in the game. My prop maker said that there is only one red circle that looks very simple, so he added a pair of armor…

To be fair it’s a small detail. The result is still there and is super awesome ! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your recognition. :relaxed: :relaxed:

This forum needs more post like this

I don’t think so.
At the moment, the focus of each player is on the balance of the game, pve and pvp skills or expectations for AOE IV while hardly anyone thinks about cosplay.

I dont mean exclusively cosplay posts. But fanarts, or something like that. If they become too numerous mods can make a section for them to let the discussion section the way as it is right now.

I guess I’m the only one posting then :joy: :joy: :joy: