Elite Upgrade Skin

I always thought that logic 100% dictates that normal Keshiks should be silver and elite one should be golden.


Free accuracy without touching balance at all which is nice.

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But I do not even care about the accuracy.
I just do not think art assets should be spent on Elite upgrades, specially when they could go to new Editor units, like Crusade themed units, or some Far East units, and new Meso and Tribal units.

Well, imagine you want to make a Reconquista scenario. An Iberian genitour would come in handy, right?


As an editor unit? Yes.
As another skin for the Elite Genitour, it is just visual clutter for MP.

Even then, I would rather have Crusader Sargeants, Ghulams, Tabaryas, Sassanid Knights, Templar Knights, and Guards of the Holy Sepulchre; over Genitours.

Heck, some Knights of Santiago, or Knights of Tower and Sword, would be great for a Reconquista scenario.

Yes, but fix bugs first.

Giving heroes different looking unit skins will give the chance for modders to make this idea in to a mod and will not affect MP.

It’s actually not merely a cosmetic difference because units have different looks when they’re upgraded so it helps you understand what you’re up against. I would like to see that for elite unique units as well… it doesn’t have to be a massive change, just enough to be noticeable.

The current way of knowing whether or not unique units have been upgraded is to click on them and see, but that is less convenient, if only slightly.


Microsoft don’t need money. They are the wealthiest and most powerful company in the world, and they actually own us money for what they’ve done but that’s another topic altogether.

Regarding OP i agree with him, a new/improved skin for elite upgrades would not only be very cool but also very useful to help distinguish what we are dealing with, instead of having to click on a unit to see if they are elite or not. It should be apparent, imo.


Regardless of being elite or not you would still use the same units to counter them right?Would a uu looking different make any difference?
Also some units like the mamluke throwing axe are fantacy units how they look for an elite version?

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so you would like to see militia line, archer line, skimisher line and all other unit lines have only one unit graphics each because the counters are same regardless of upgrades?

make them look slightly changed skin, while keeping the classic look. Is it that hard to understand for you?


I like the idea. Also it does not need to be a completely different model to be good (and also less work for the devs).
For example:

  • Non-elite samurai could have the helmet without the half-moon
  • Elite War Elephant having the “armor” with golden bits
  • Non-elite Leitis lacking the cape
  • Non-elite magyar huszars lacking the wings (like the difference between light cavalry and hussars)
  • Non-elite teutonic knights lacking the mighty cape
  • Non-elite organ guns without the plumes in the helmet
  • Elite huskarls having a kite shield
  • Elite woad raider having some armor
  • Non-elite kamayuks with a more simple helmet
  • Elite jannisaries with the pointy hats

In resume, adding or removing a thing depending on whether they are upgraded or not. They will still be recognizable but you could tell or not if they are elite.


Not a fan tbh

What is that supposed to mean? I don’t really get it.

But the rest are good suggestions

Kite Shields were a popular style of Cavalry and Heavy Infantry shields in the High Middle Ages.
They evolved as a mix of the Northern European Roundshield, and the old Roman Scutum (Tower Shiled).

They are so named, because the resemble kites.


Kite shields are shields like the ones from the cataphracts. If my memory serves me well, the huskarls used them a lot (I could be wrong of course).

I agree with removing magyars huzsar wings in the non elite version. And i support the creation of a mod that would make elite magyar huzsar look like non elite.
because medieval hungary != 16/17th century polish lithuanian commonweath

I like the idea of changing just a minor part of the model, as long as it attempts to be, within the limits given by the same model and game of course, as realistic and historically accurate as possible. I’not really a fun of the golden = better/cool graphic gimmick


Props to @JonOli12 for the demonstration

Thing is, Magyar Hussar isn’t Heavy Cav at any point in the game

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Yeah, i used != which means “different”. I meant to say hungarians are not polish, as the only cavarly unit in the recorded history of humanity that used wings are the polish winged hussars.