Elite Upgrade Skin

All unit upgrades have a change to the unit look, why not the elite upgrade of unique units? It will make it much more easier to recognise Elite Unique Units from non-upgraded units and also look beautiful maintaining the uniformity of game logic, i.e. every unit upgrade gives a change in unit look. So, will you like to see elite unique units get new skin?

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It would be nice, but unnecessary.

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Why is it unnecessary…? :confused:
I mean it improves the overall look of the game.


It would require a whole new graphics design, and at that point, I would rather did do new units or civs.

I also do not think the Elite UUs are that different from the base version, taht we would need different skins for them.

thats actually quite a bit of work, yes all the other units have a change as they advance but even with that you’re looking at 12 barracks skins (militia line, spear line, eagle line, condo), 10 archery range skins (archer line, skirm line (including imp) CA, Genitour and HC), and 13 stable skins (knight line, camel line (Including imp), scout line, E/BE, Lancer Line). that alone is 35 unit skins. add in siege and monks and you’re up to 48 units. non water UU brings that up to over 80.

you’re looking at pretty much a 40% increase of unit skins.
so yeah it is nice in theory, but a load of work.

this is entirely subjective, you would think that DE improved the overall look of the game but there was a lot of people unhappy with unit design. not saying your idea is bad, but want to give you some perspective.

doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

FYI i voted yes, because its something i honestly wouldn’t mind seeing, even if others don’t like it (and i can understand there stance).

the major problem i see with this idea is it would open the floodgates for the “give region specific units” crowd which would be a heck of a lot more work beyond even this. if they do add more unit visuals i hope they do it as DLC.

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Have you seen the Hero units Tariq and Yodit.
We already have Elite Battle Elephant, Elite Steppe Lancer look unique but not Elite Genitour. If all Elite Upgrades give a change in unit look then what’s the problem?
New Civ/New Units is a much more tedious task than this simple graphical change since that involves a lot of re-balancing.


I do agree region specific unit is a lot more of work but also a completely different thing to ask. It will involve making new models while Elite skin can simply be Texture Changes with no model changes.

i still think any new skins should be DLC. that way at least the company gets paid for the work they do.

They do bring some unique skins every update. Remember the golden bombard we got last update? similar golden unit can be given for Elite Upgrade. And if needed it can be deactivated easily using a Non-Data graphics mod.

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yeah but that’s a whole 3 or 4 skins every few months. you’re asking for 35 (assuming just the main ones, not water ones), all at once.

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If they do prioritise effort, I believe they can achieve this in one of the updates.

besides the point, i just think it should be something they get rewarded for. a 5$ dlc isn’t asking much.

Actually making this feature a dlc will be the cause to open flood gates for asking more skin dlc. So it contradicts your beliefs.
I mean it is a basic feature that will help in unit recognition as well, which is also important for competitive games. It will not be a wise move to make it dlc.


them adding skins will open the floodgates no matter what you do. which is why i say if they are going to do it, to go in whole sale and just DLC it.

I believe people won’t buy this simple elite unit reskin only for 5$ for a game worth 15$-20$ to them.
Regional unit skin deserves to be a dlc of 5$ for people who want to use it.


league of legends begs to disagree.

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Let’s not make AoE2 = League of Legends. AoE2 is love, make it as beautiful and reasonable as possible.


I would like if elite unique units would be graphically different/slightly more impressive than unupgraded version. Would make them easier to recognize and admire. These graphics could also be used for hero units.


People need to remember that they are not making 35+ new skins from scratch. They already have the graphic models in 3D. All it requires is abit of graphical tweaks. Some of you are making it seem like they have to remake every unit. Goodness.


I would also like to see unique elite units. As @PeakHornet46539 has already mentioned, the units don’t need to be completely rebuilt, since the 3D models are already there. Small changes that make the elite unit a little bit different from the non-elite unit would be enough.