Elo after picking civ

Someone had a great suggestion on here the other day. They were saying that you should get less elo for picking best civs and more for picking random or going low tier civs. I really like this idea. Its so easy to be top tier civs these people don’t deserve the same amount of elo as someone who wins while playing a random low tier civ. Someone winning a game as Persians is not as impressive as winning with Vietnamese.

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I like this idea, but how they will choose the tier of civilization??

I still prefer that ranked games always be ramdom civs, then everyone will have to learn all the civs and play all units.


would a seperate ranked mode (like “full random ranked”/“random ranked”) or would this split the player base too much? I personally like the idea to force random civs but it also scares me. as a noob/intermediate it is tricky to get into ranked games. I usually try to have a plan ready before qeueing and that makes it less stressfull. i think having a plan can help newer people but on the other hand getting thrown in the cold might just force you to become better with the over all randomness of ranked games.


A great example is a player on Chinese, one on Persians and another on pre-buff Khmer/Vietnamese. Persians and Chinese are meta civs and highly sought after picks in tournaments. The key difference is that one is faaaar is easier to play than the other and only picks up in winrate at a higher elo (chinese). At a lower ELO it has one of the lowest winrates there is, because the boni can be quite detrimental to an unprepared player.
Now you want to punish a player with a lower ELO for playing one of your supposed meta picks and let him fight an uphill battle. While dishing out more points for an equally bad civ at the same level of play.

Sorry @SorryHaah, but you seems to be at odds with the game in general as other threads by you have proven. A change in ELO will not create the game experince you want to have and might even be detrimental for every other player of the game. You do not skew an ELO system with things like that. Rank adjustment at the start of a new season for players might be a thing, but weightening the impact of certain wins upon the ELO will create rankings that are not refelctive of what the person is able to do.

I can just suggest for all of these people in this thread, that they try to lighten a bit on being so fast on implementing restrictions. That is why we have a map pool with bans and a tab to choose our civ from. People want to decide what to do and even more so in a ranked enviorment. Basing ranking on a mode were you can get screwed by randomness (civ wins) were already map screws exist is not necessary.

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