ELO Badges for Profile Pictures

Hey guys,

I think the game has a bit of an issue with Smurfs, I’ve been using the AOE II Companion App (shoutout @denniske1001) and I’ve checked out opponents profiles after games and in the last week I’ve caught a handful of smurfs (dropping 400 ELO and then playing back up). It can be discouraging for new players to try their luck in the ladder, and then get demolished by someone who has tanked and is playing well below their level. The purpose of this proposal is just to give players an idea of the quality of player they’re up against. So here’s what I’m proposing:

When you que up against a player, on the screen where you see name and civ, just add players’ current ELO, as well as their highest achieved ELO. This would do two things:

  1. Discourage smurfs, because their opponent will immediately see what they’re doing.
    Example: ELO: 900 Max ELO: 1350, currently the only way to check ELO is either pause and go out of game, or check after the game. This would guarantee that a smurf is seen for what they are prior to the game even starting.
  2. Encourage new players when they lose that they may have been playing someone who was at a lower level then typical.
    Example: Player 1 ELO: 1040 Max ELO 1100. Player 2 ELO: 1050 Max ELO: 1200. Player 2 probably has a higher skill level then player 1, and maybe has just been going through a rough patch. The lower ELO player can feel that if they won they faced a real challenge, if they lost it’s because they were up against someone who may have more experience so it’s something to learn from.

Interested to hear your thoughts.

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Are you allowed to like to some example accounts on AOE2.net to show us the pattern? Do they go up and down by large amounts more than once?

I would understand if a 1v1 player initially has a rating that is too high, because they got that initial rating from ranked match team games. So, that person could lose 400 elo until they developed a build order more appropriate to 1v1.

Here is another possible explanation…

I have noticed a V shape pattern in my ranked team games, multiple days in a row. In the late afternoon or early evening, I may lose 4 games in a row. As the evening progresses, I’ll win 5 games in a row.

Perhaps I’m a night owl or perhaps I’m warming up. But, one theory is that the ELO pool of European players is relatively stronger than the ELO pool of American players. That is, a 1400 European player obtained that rating mostly by playing other Europeans. And the 1400 American player obtained that rating mostly by playing other Americans. If there is a relative difference in the actual skill between those pools, then they would be ‘mismatched’ during the time period that both groups could be playing. (This assumes that European players can be matched to American servers and vice versa.)

Yeah the players I’m referring too will have a sharp drop off of multiple straight losses in the course of an hour. The only way to do this is join a game and instantly drop and que up for the next one. I’m not talking about players who drop off from where they initially get ranked, or who just drop 1 100 ELO with a couple bad games. I’m talking intentional smurfs who want to play players 200 to 400 under their ELO.


Here is a guy who you can see has multiple sharp drops that take him from 1300 down to 1100 or lower. Once he get’s back up to his level he drops off again. Also notice he’s played like 1400 games, but many are in a very short period of time.