Elo calculation in team game

For context, a higher rated player or team beats a lower rated one, they gets less elo than if they beat a higher rated one, vice versa.

However I think the elo deduction/gain is a bit too much when unbalanced games occur.

My 1v1 is about 1450 and team elo around 1150. I struggle to increase my team elo because frequently (insanely frequently) I match with very noob player on my team. I usually get 500 to 600 team elo players. It is impossible to carry them because they are using full treaty deck and don’t attack at all. Even opponent is a 1000 to 1100 team it is impossible for me to 1v3 or 1v4.

Thinking I shouldn’t lose a lot of elo points because our average rating is so much lower, but i end up losing 9 points. I have encountered even worse teammate or stronger opponent when I lose 5 points.

My opinion is when the elo gap is so huge it is extremely unlikely we win if opponent internet doesn’t drop. Why are we still losing elo? It should be maximum 1 or 2 points or no points at all when the gap between teams are so huge.

I see a lot of players with much higher team elo than 1v1, but for me I can’t get pass 1150 no matter what despite my 1v1 is around 1450 (1457 currently).

This is annoying but I don’t really care too much about elo, but rather the kind of games I am getting because of this. if i stay at low level I will always match with noob teammates, and I keep losing elo if I can’t win with them against a team of my level, then I will never get out of this cycle which make team game a disaster for me.

I would say the fault of the elo formula and the super unbalanced matchmaking, I left aoe3 for this reason, estimated time to find a 2v2 or 3v3 at least 7 minutes, you find it and play against players 400/500 elo less than me and 600/700 elo less than my mate and we win 0 or 1 elo and my mate sometimes from - 1 elo, I rarely find melds with equal elo, I rarely find melds against higher elo player where then he loses and takes away more elo than we earn in the first situation. So if we lose to even or more elo in 1 game playing against people with less elo (that matchmaking matches us 90% of the time) it will take at least 10 games to regain the elo I lose in 1 game. Honestly I’m tired of wasting time on a game that presents these situations and I preferred to play on aoe2. Having higher 1v1 elo than team elo doesn’t mean you can play team too. 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 are all different from each other only 2v2 is somewhere in between but closer to 1v1.