Elo gain influenced by rating on other ladders?

At this point i am not 100% sure if this is intended, if it is, its a pretty weird decision.
Basically what me and a friend observered is this:
Me: No games on 1v1 ladder | ~15 games in TG with my friend
Friend: ~10 games on 1v1 | ~15 games in TG with me
We played all our Teamgames together, all 2v2, no random players, no drops or disconnects, same stats on profile, nothing weird, still he has always been getting less Elo compared to me. As his 1v1 ranking increased the difference in Elo gains also got bigger. Now at ~15 games he has 41 Elo less then me which is pretty huge.
Did anyone else observe something like this? Doesnt really make sense to me that a more experienced 1v1 player gets less Elo in TG.