ELO is broken

T90Official is very concerned about wrong points. He was complaining about wrong numbers. I didn’t believe him, because i thought it was just big difference between players.
But after a while i begin to see it too. For example, after opponent resigning (or dropping) i didn’t get any points. But when i resigning or disconnecting i was losing my points (not confirmed for every case). What im trying to say is that system is very inconsistent.
Also another issue is that there is no max limit to points. In real ELO system there is capped number of points that player can get, for example number is ±32. But in AoE2 DE points cant be ±60 etc. This is should never happen in competitive game.

So here is a solid proof. Im sure you guys also can find it if you calculate your each game.
Case of the Tatoh. Tatoh is resigned vs a Hera and got +1 point! But Hera got +20 points!!!


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These are two seperate things. The new rating algorithm is kinda similar to the ones at chess.com and lichess.com, rating changes much faster after your initial games and after a while it scales back to the original system.

I think this system is a great change, initial games have a much stronger weight to make sure that experienced players don’t have to ruin new players experience and get straight up to the level they need to be, and new players will get players of their own level much more quickly.

The second one is definitely a bug, I think it has to do with the server not properly updating the rating change after each game, meaning that if tatoh won one game and lost after, it saved the sum of the rating changes, which could still be positive.

The number of Wins by TaToH also increased by 1. Are you sure he didn’t play and win another game.

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I’ve experienced winning a game and opponent resigning. But after going into statistics page from the “You are Victorious” screen, it tells me I’ve lost ELO. It’s only happened once so far for me, but I’ve heard this happening to others as well. Could you please look into it?


Yea it was just on the stream. He watched ELO before the game, then started a game, then resigned, then watched ELO again and here we are

For me it is look like +1 ELO is a bug in the source code, where is number of games confused with ELO points. Maybe somewhere mistake looks like a following pseudocode:

public void GameOver(Player player1, Player player2){
 winner.totalGames = winner.totalGames + 1; 
 loser.totalGames  = loser.totalGames + 1;
 loser.ELO = winner.ELO + 1; // should be - ELO points 
 winner.ELO = winner.ELO + newELOpoints();
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I think you should report this on #age-of-empires-ii:aoe2-de-bugs !

This is a known issue and work in progress
Age of Empires II: DE Known Issues

Love losing 23 points in a TG where 2 of my allies are weak are -300 ELO in skill than everyone else, and then getting 1 point when I win…

This is also the system on Voobly, that has been in place for the last 5 years. First ~20 games are worth double points to win/lose