ELO Issues still

it’s been a month or so and my ELO still has not changed. I’ve reinstalled the game, etc etc. still does not work. I had another topic made but since I replied 3x and still had no luck with help from devs etc I cannot comment on the thread anymore so i’m making this one in order to be HELPED. Quite frustrating.

still nothing eh? my lord.

Hi @StonyMike25R6, Do not create multiple topics for the same report. Locking this topic since it is a duplicate.

The forums use trust levels with certain restrictions for new accounts as a precaution, which is why your posts were limited. As you contribute positively to the forums over time, restrictions are reduced.

The #age-of-empires-definitive-edition:aoe-de-bugs forum subcategory is specifically for reporting bugs to the devs. You may not receive a direct reply from the developers for every bug report. However, all reports are logged.

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