ELO rating (ranking) - the absence of

That’s not how it works. You need a complete polished product first to attract many players, not the other way around, and ELO rating is among the features it should have to attract those players.

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Some people buy a games and expect if u said … a rating sistem will be implemented that it just happen. If not they’ll leave, and return on voobly. Now there are less people then when game exit for these reasons.
The game , like about all RTS games dont give advantage to one player if he have better hardware or connetions. If u lag for poor performance HW or for a bad ping all lag and all are affected… so the skills is skills

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It feels like we are back to the chicken and the egg story again.

I’m not against any rating system, if you guys think it will draw more players into this game. I just don’t think that it would in current state like @IamDalv says, you need a complete polished product.

At the moment it crashes my laptop as it get quite hot at 250 pop cap. So far goes competitive play at the moment on a 4th gen i7 with SSD and 32 GB, a 1000 dollar machine from 2013.

BTW. As programmer I can understand the way APM (application performance management) works and that definitely has influence on the game play and competitive play. I’m not talking about network lag or other stupid issues. The lighter and smoother the build of a game, the more suitable it is for fast paced competitive play.

And yes, skills are skills, in any situation, but a fish will never be able to climb a tree.

AOE II HD doesn’t do this, AOE Online (Project Celeste) doesn’t do this, but AOE DE does crash when it gets too hot!

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Mine dont crash… btw the ranking is not for tourney money competition to high level, is to organize a game with people about the same level. Very often if not knowen people ( rookie or noob ) ruin expert game … ELo its a number thats means nothing but a 2k rating in the 90% of times is not a rookie …

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Happy for you mate, I probably need new cooling paste and fan. This game can rise temperatures above 85C and probably that’s around point my GF760m halts the system (sound stuck too).

I do understand why you guys want this, but I already see ‘no noobs/pro only/noobs only’ games hosted enough and secondly real experts will join a private closed room and invite their pro friends. When you host a open multiplayer game it should be accessible for every player, even noobs and yet people got kicked a MP game out for all kinds of different reasons. Personally I would skip all of those kind of hosted games. No matter if level or skills are suitable or not. It’s more about the fact that you can expect that people will start to complain about players who did not match that expectation. That’s so annoying.

So I agree they stil have to make things better, but for that you need more players and a lot of games on the running. They could as well be testing and balancing this new rating system in the background while we even don’t know and hear anything about it. So you all can keep your hopes up, at least for AOE II DE as it’s expected to serve a broader audience.

Some people have stated the developers have abandoned the game. I think the developers are just very busy with all the work that still needs to be done, probably working on the other two projects too.

Last comment to Ranking sistem : i know there isnt the only thing to do , but they have already do the ranking sistem and promise it before the game exit, i think is a easy improvements . For the game i dont tell i want only experts in game, but if u wanna balance u need to know about the skill level to have all fun…
For your crash, its looks like is the GPU … Are u sure is enough to run the game ?


Of course I talk in general here about what I’ve seen and experienced in the MP lobby.
Yes, it’s just some above minimum requirement though. This model has a integrated heatsink for CPU and GPU together, so it’s quite some work to refurbish and refresh the cooling paste. Getting all the dust out isn’t enough anymore, otherwise it would not crash I’m sure. Yet, it is something that software has to monitor and tune too regarding APM.