ELO rating (ranking) - the absence of

I feel like there must be a designated topic for this to draw some attention about this very important issue, the absence of ELO rating for multiplayer games that is.

Now I haven’t played nor followed AoE1: DE lately, and may not be up to date with some news, but what I find very peculiar is not that this very important feature (ELO rating) is inexistent, but that it WAS existent (during beta testing) only to be later removed and never put back again.

My assumption is that it wasn’t woking properly and development on any further patches was halted due to (AoE1DE) not turning a profit, especially after reading through the following thread where a FE dev posted a few times explaining the lack of updates:


On the other hand, from my sources I know they might have initially planned to build Voobly in the game (or better said, a voobly like interface and system) together with AoE2: DE, their biggest game, and I was thinking maybe they might later include AoE1 (and 3, eventually) with that, in order to have a unified platform. I dont know if that is the case anymore, but even if it still is, why leave AoE1: DE without ELO until then? They already coded it in, it was there during beta, surely it must have been an easy fix.

What is going on, anyone knows more about what happened with the ELO rating in AoE1: DE?

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For me the game is complete abandoned.

Asked about it in the AoE thursday stream this week and they said “no news about an ELO rating update” for AoE1, although they seemed a bit surprised by my question, as if it wasn’t a priority.

They did say that work is being done to fix the chat bug, so the game still receives support. I just don’t understand why it takes such a long time, and moreover why the only such sort of communication is made throughout this weekly streem if they answer the random question here and there. It would take such little effort for an official “we are aware and are working on it” statement post on some social media, rather than some hidden short answer during some little known live stream., and it would solve so much trouble. I dont understand their take on community management and communication, it’s so odd.

Don’t know what support they do but the version number didn’t change for months while they have many ‘1 day work’ issues… and for ELO rating, I just remember something like ‘we just disabled it for beta and it’ll be back at release’, yes, we see, now it’s ‘no news about it’ …

Someone in charge there is making some very weird decisions on what’s being worked on and how it is communicated to the costumers.

I was a little surprised by the response from the team on the chat bug. It is my understanding that there are no FE devs actively working on patches to the game which will be released soon.

The update to fix the chat bug is Windows 10 version 1809 which is likely releasing early to mid October.


I actually think there are not enough active AOE DE players in order to enable ELO. You really need a substantial amount of players for that.

Regarding the chat bug I don’t worry about the fix through the new OS feature release coming up mid October, but I do worry about the chance of this happening again. There’s no warranty that this can not happen again with the next Windows feature release.

Also I do understand it ain’t got use to fix something for seven months.

It’s good that they are not running a beauty contest. It’s a survival of the fittest developers contest.

Well how can the game have many players without ELO rating?

Did the original game release at 1997 have it?

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No, but we are not in 97 anymore and they had it during the beta.

Yes, cause we play on ms gaming zone that have, ( not first release but in ror in sure it had a elo sistem )
And the people leave aoe de cause there no develop under these game, and of course missing an elo sistem to balance game before starting

The famous chicken and the egg story. Which came first. The chicken or the egg? :grin:

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Yes but the chicken before do an egg take money and do promise for a project that never born really

There are so many things missing from AoE:DE, that imho ELO isn’t a major priority. It is important for sure. But I rather see first the game being actually finished. Finished as in: What AoE and Zone.com could do.

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I dont think elo is not a priority.
A very big number of player that come from aoe/ror in voobly return to play at the original because u cant balance a game and have competitive games. Elo is a priority, such as stability , and patching the bug.
If u play multiplayer game elo is ( btw at this point was ) a priority

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I didn’t say it was not a priority. I said it is not a major priority.

As AoE:DE stands now, ELO is going to add nothing but false competition for a poor performing game.

The activity is simply bad and it is frustrating to find frequent good games any day I attempt to play. Bringing back ELO or fixing it isn’t going to cause miracles that suddenly it becomes equally played as let us assume: AoE2:HD.

Fixing the game’s current miserable state might or might not cause miracles.


the fact is elo was already present in the game. and sure i remember some bugs with it, like players having negative elo randomly or things like that, but it shouldnt be too hard to re introduce it.

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MSN Gaming Zone did have ELO system, but not only for AOE itself. The ELO system worked for all games played through the MSN Gaming zone. So this would better be an Xbox network thing to implement and they are still working on, which also means the chance is some kind rating system will come later.
Or not. :grin:

The ratings are gone, but the rating explanation page still exists.


What are u talking about , that 20 years ago microsoft do a good job in MSN gaming zone , and now xboxlive isnt?
Are u sure that in any of xbox games there isn’t a rating system?
And like angrycat said, the rating in beta exist, dont work properly but i remember that player are rated , and this is not dependant on the xbox platform , it was in the game.
So you are totally wrong when u said that elo sistem depend on xbox live… I think xbox live is a console interface that is not “friendly” with PC , they need a very big restyle if they want a good interface for pc users… Just take a look @voobly that is @msnzone based…

Nope I didn’t say that. I said there are not enough players to justify a rating system. And another reason which I didn’t give yet is because this game too much depends on the performance rating of your hardware and not your actual playing skills. Btw you brought up MSN gaming zone, not me.