ELO still broken

Won three ranked 3v3 games. Lost ELO for all of them. PLS fix this. We need working elo to get good games.

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Ya. I know you guys are 100% focused on AoE 2 DE atm but sorry the AoE 1 DE still isnt a definitive edition.

  1. Fix FPS issue.

  2. Fix Rating - Its broken (some times you win and lose point or dont get any point at all) plus we need a better rating system, just make it RM 1x1, RM Team game, DM 1x1 and DM Team Game.
    Also add it to host option to turn on and off if the game is rated or not.

DM players are still playing in old cliente because many times its unplayable when game has big population.

Please, give us, AoE 1 fans some atention!


How does one even see one’s ELO score?