Emergency Repair works on partially repaired Swabia

In a recent game, I built my Palace of Swabia far away from my main base. It got completely destroyed by my enemy. I noticed that I was able to use the Emergency Repair ability on the Palace of Swabia while villagers were repairing the landmark after it was completely destroyed. As long as villagers had started the repair, I could use Emergency Repair, even if the villagers stopped or died. Destroyed buildings that are partially repaired are typically not able to use Emergency Repair until they have been completely rebuilt.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Build Palace of Swabia
  2. Have the Palace be destroyed completely
  3. Start to repair the landmark with a villager
  4. Once some health has been restored, have the villager stop repairing
  5. Emergency repair can now be used on the “destroyed” Palace of Swabia. This can be repeated after cooldowns to restore the building completely
  6. I HEAVILY suspect that HRE’s landmark town center is susceptible to the same bug, so these steps should be repeated for the landmark tc after HRE is in Feudal Age (so the town center loss doesn’t trigger a defeat)
  7. There is also the possibility that other landmarks with a functioning Emergency Repair ability (so not Regnitz or Elzbach) can use Emergency repair while being reconstructed from being completely destroyed. I would repeat the above steps for the Aachen Chapel as well to check.

note: This behavior was noticed when the landmark was out of the area of influence of other town center’s emergency repair aura. I’m not sure if that will effect the presence of this bug.

game version: 5.0.11963.0

Through Xbox Game Pass (Microsoft Store)

Windows 10

Thank you for reporting @TV800m! I’ll make sure the team looks into this.