Empire Wars demand - Huh?.. We want NOMAD!

Dear Age of Empires 4 development team and community,

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for your constant work and the continuous development of AoE4 - it is impressive to see this progress.

However, I do have concerns about the longevity and popularity of the new Empire Wars game mode in Quick Match. Given the experience of AoE2, where a similar mode was not a long-term success, I fear that Empire Wars may not be an asset to AoE4 and that alternative modes, such as Nomad, would have been a better choice.
If you were to bring Nomad as a mode, the hype for the new update would be even greater - source: trust me

A bigger concern is the potential division of our already small player base. (Which I don’t think will be the case with Empire Wars because I don’t think anyone will play it (maybe you can prove me wrong).)
Too wide a selection of modes could dilute the player pool and make matchmaking worse. If a Nomad mode is added, this could further exacerbate the situation. However, I expect that Nomad could replace Empire Wars mode if Empire Wars player numbers decline in a few months.

I call for the introduction of a Nomad mode Free-for-All (FFA) and/or Team in Quick Match. I am convinced that this mode would be a much greater addition to the game than Empire Wars.

I hope that this suggestion will find an open ear and that the team will find a solution that enriches Age of Empires 4 without compromising the matchmaking quality.

Yours sincerely,


If it dilute player base,

They could just do like the number of players and let you select multiple mode when queueing and you will join any of those.

I think nomad makes sense to add in quick match. I wouldn’t remove empire wars.

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Nomad is more of a map than it is a game mode imo. I wouldn’t mind like AOE2 where they add nomad to the map pool though.

can you please explain that? in my eyes that makes no sense… in Nomad you only start with villagers and start from 0 with your TC? … it is clearly different from the standard mode

In AOE2 (and I think AOE3), there are a couple maps that are nomad maps (taking it’s name from the original map called nomad). Unlike a separate game mode, you can’t play nomad on other maps.

In AOE2 it’s just a different map type where you start without a TC, similar to how arena map starts you with stone walls, they could just add a nomad map to the 1v1 map pool (though it would likely be a common ban like water maps)

Nomad is a Game mode. There are several maps where you can play nomad.

Your right, they made it a game mode in AOE4, I stand corrected.

I can’t see them adding something that no one plays, so I trust they have the data on this that proves Empire Wars is demanded by the community at large.

However that being said they should also add Nomad as that is also something that the community wants. I am hopeful that they will add it in the future.

Playing nomad in a non-mega-random map makes no sense. It kills the idea of nomad.
Nomad you have to explore and you don’t know where is what.

Playing in a “regular” map, you know where is pretty much everything. You don’t know exactly where the resources are, but you kinda have the idea.

I agree with this, nomad should only be playable on mega random maps as otherwise it defeats the purpose with it to explore and never know where is what etc.

nomad is an essential and basic stuff on aoe and its more fun when combined with other modes

Nomad is a starting age option in AoE3.

Nomad is probably the most fun casual game mode. Its kinda like a small battle royal game.

If aoe4 is going to ever give a free trial version like aoe3, why not just have a ffa nomad ranking system, people can try for free. Would be great way to get people interested in the game

I have only said that it is a game mode that can be played on already created maps, although its essence is in mega-random.