Empire wars mode

After playing the empire wars mode on the PUP update I gotta say, I absolutely loved it!!
This mode brings such a nice new flavour to this game, the execution of it was just brilliant, it synergises so well with the mechanics of this game.
I have definitely got a new favourite game mode now on aoe3!
I know I had criticised this game and sometimes unfairly in the past, but It’s really nice to see how much this game have improved lately!!


I also really liked this mode. AOE3 already is a fast game, and this mode double down on that and allows you to paly a very interesting game. I’d love to see how a proper meta evolves for this mode, as it feels more of a change compared to aoe2’s empire wars.


The gamemode seems very fun to me and I really hope it takes off in ranked!

Perhaps there are balance reasons against it but I think it could be nice if Asian civs start with an extra 50-100 export to make up for the export not gathered in age 1.

I also think it may be nice if players start with a shipment because by the time you get your first shipment you are already likely aging and might as well just use it on an age 2 shipment. It may make it more appealing to take an age 1 shipment. Again maybe there are balance reasons against it though.

I think early defense may be relatively easy with free outposts with every shipment so maybe the gamemode will turn into a bunch of FF’s/FI’s which I think would be cool. I also think extensive fortifications may be useful since at a certain point since I think you run out of buildings to make so you can just spam outposts.


Yep, i am really looking forward to see how the meta evolves with this.

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