Empire wars no fair rank?

Hello i just try few empire wars with the new patch, i dont know if its on purpose but its seems there is no rank at all,with my 1000 elo i have to fight against 1800 elo no need to say i get rekt every game without fun, do they plan to add matchmaking on this mod ?

Doesn’t it use unraked ELO?

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Quick game is meant to be unranked. So it probably uses unranked elo. This elo is the worst elo of all. It isnt reiable at all. This was already my biggest fear when they announced this new game mode. It will only lead to unbalanced games.

Based on some games of aoe2.net i am not even sure if the system uses some elo at all. I found some games that are really terrible matched. I looked at some 1v1 games and i foudn this match up:

Player 1:
1v1 RM: 1500 elo
TG RM: 2200 elo
Unranked: 2300 elo

Player 2:
1v1 RM: 600 elo
TG RM: 1200 elo
Unranked: 1100 elo

I have no idea why those two players are playing a game together.

I see many of this kind of match ups i the current ongoing matches based on aoe2.net. For all of these games aoe2.net gives no current rating for each match.

So my biggest fear seems to become the truth: The new game mode is only meant to get in a new game quickly. It isnt meant to be get into a balanced game quickly. If you want balanced games, then you still need to play in the ranked queue. And if you dont want those settings, you still have to use the lobby to found equally skilled players.


It’s possible it’s using a new hidden quickplay ELO, but to me, the game mode is pointless if results are still published to third parties, allowing them to generate an unranked ELO from them, it makes it little different to ranked.


The devs should clarify if there’s a hidden Elo under Quick play. @JokerMission833 If there is, it might take 10 to 25 games to stabilize your “real” unranked elo for Empire Wars Quick Play. I’m making this reference similar to “Unranked” mode in Starcraft 2’s matchmaking.

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I hope your right Soldeo otherwise i think its gonna be impossible for me to play this mod even if i love it coz of this huge imbalance

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