Empire Wars Start Resource of Mayans, Huns, Chinese

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.35209.0 4667120
  • Platform Steam


When I play the new mode “Empire Wars” with those civs which supposed to have a start resource reduce, they don’t receive it, just 200W 200F 100G 200S as others.
Those civs are Mayans, Huns, Chinese and i’m not sure if there are more.
But Persians and Lithuanians work good, they do receive the extra 50/150 food

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start a Empire War game with Mayans/Huns/Chinese
  2. Check the starting resource


Found that this only happen in low/standard resource,
When medium/high resource they do receive the reduce

Bumping this. I think this needs to be explained somewhere, either in the tech tree or game mode descriptions. It seems so arbitrary which bonuses they keep for empire wars. Huns tech tree needs to say “-100 wood if starting in dark age”. And similarly Mayans and Chinese need to say “+3/1 vills but - food, -Wood if starting in dark age.” Has anyone tested what happens if you start a random map game in feudal/castle/imp and if these civ bonuses still apply?
And in regicide and DM?

Also, to reduce confusion for nomad, maybe Chinese / Mayans can say “+3 vills after tc is built in dark age”, or even better, “first 3 villagers are free in dark age.” The latter would match Goths’ free loom, and it’s understood that you still need a TC to get the free villagers/technology. (But it doesn’t match Turks’ free chemistry, which doesn’t need a university.)

That would be too convoluted to always add to the techtree but maybe some footnote or abbreviation can be added.

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I like the idea of footnotes or tool tips to explain some of the more unintuitive bonuses.

Like clarify goths’ free loom needs a TC, while Turks’ free gold mining doesn’t need a mining camp or free chemistry and university (I haven’t tested either), and Teutons’ free murder holes doesn’t need a university. And similarly a non Dark Age start skips the Huns penalty and the Mayans and Chinese bonuses. All these can be clarified with a tooltip without adding clutter.