Empires Apart and AOE 4 = Same game?

Hey Guys,

I’m really excited to play AOE 4 this year, but I can’t get this thought off my head. AOE 4 just looks like Empires Apart, which was heavily inspired by AOE 2…

For people who dont know Empires Apart, it is a bascially AOE 2 with fewer civs, but that play differently.
Low poly grafics and hero units with abilities.
Playable Factions, which all play different:


take a look, no strings attached: Empires Apart Review - YouTube

After seeing that, look at AOE4 : Age of Empires 4 - Official Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

Mongolian faction is basically a copy&paste.

AOE 4 has slightly better grafics… but basically its the same.

What do you think?

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Is this a troll post? AoE4 looks nothing like that :joy:
Maybe they did get inspired a bit by the Mongol civ but I am sure that the overall feel of the game will be totally different. And I don’t think I need to talk about graphics as they aren’t even close to be the same.


I played EA early on. It was darker and more complicated than age Games, as far as I remember. I hope Age 4 will be less complicated and to me so far, it seems like that.

Not at all. Yeah Empires Apart has a lower poly count, but it has the same feeling to it. AOE 4 has just more detail texture wise.

I agree, it was more complicated, but that is what you get if u involve heroes with abilities.

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I guess that is just an individual feeling then. For me these 2 games look completely different.

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well we do have these abilities in age 4 in some way, but clearly not as many as in EA :smiley:

Empires Apart looks great I think I’m gonna get it instead of AoE III: DE.

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Give it a try, the base game is “free”…

My personal point of view/experience :

  • The publisher : :money_mouth_face:
  • Situation of the game : :skull: (forensic experts estimate the date of death about 2-3 years ago)

AoE4 doesn’t have hero units in multiplayer.

I have heard this from other players, but I am not familiar enough with EA to know exactly what the similarities are other than both versions have packable/moveable buildings.

I just played it and I hate it, I will never ever play it again.

I would definitely not be surprised if the devs from AoE4 took at least some inspiration from EA (as mentioned before, mobile Mongolian bases sure look similar between the two, and the Mongols also get a speed boost from outposts like in EA), but I think in terms of pure gameplay you’ll see a pretty significant difference between the two.

EA had a lot of cool ideas, but a combination of a much smaller budget and what I think was probably less cumulative RTS experience meant that the game itself felt a bit a bit underdeveloped and clunky to play - which I don’t expect to see happen with Microsoft’s millions backing up Relic.


maybe they did, I guess they at least did research the “competition” thats how the market works.

But I am unsure if the for example got the mongol idea from EA- because I am not sure from when development actually started and what they were unable to do in age 2.

of course 2017 the first builds were displayed, but concepting may have been earlier than even EAs announcement. maybe.

Also they said they now did a lot envisioned in age 2 which couldnt be done back then. Which makes me wonder if the mongols moving may hae already been an idea back in age 2 times…

That can be.

Maybe its my general feeling it’s just not a unique enough game and just a conglomerate of a few games, which is nice, if they pick only the good stuff to copy!

EA was not polished enough, and certainly lacked weight.

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Yeah, I played it for a week or so. But AOE2 was just better, visually it was no eye candy and gameplay was lacking weight.

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thats actually what we learned in game design classes. Borrowing good ideas from good games is never a bad thing, unless you ony add them together with no sense :smiley:

Didnt know that, It looked like it in all the trailers.

Heroes are campaign only.
They confirmed that.