Empires mod for Arena Team Ranked

By doing so, We can save time

Since DE released, Empires War mod has been started. but no support from Devs.
It is sometime helpful to save and reduce effort to play game.

I Think Arena map is best place for EW mod.
Also we can adjust and edit the contents of EW for Arena Team ranked

How about your opinion?

Thx for reading


no one… reply?

can someone Share opinion?

So you want arena games in matchmaking to be played in the new empire Wars mode? In my opinion most people would not be happy with such a fundamental change. The dark age and beginning of feudal age is an integral part of the game and removing it would be too big of a change, even if on arena there is not much happening in the first few minutes.

If you are interested in Empire wars in general you should check out the upcoming 1v1 tournament sponsored by RedBull with a prizepool of 20k€

After this event players and viewers might have a better understanding of the mode and your question could be asked again


i think this is a great idea.

Introducing more game modes and variety into ranked matches increses the skill requirred for a all round good player.

Arena should not stay like this forever, just some new rotating addition.

Wow that tournament looks promising.

It’s a good idea if it is an _ addition _ to the other game modes, normal ranked and DM. Not if you intend to replace normal ranked MM arena map games with Empire Wars.

But I intended Rank MM arena as EW mod haha…

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Yes I’m very well aware that you intended it so. :smiley: This is why I replied the way I did.