Enable a draw option at hour 5 (at hour 50 at least)? Or have trees start regrowing?

There’s a game still ongoing, a ranked 1v1 between Andre_2i and Rubenstock. Neither player has the means to realistically win (unless you count opponent going AFK as a legitimate win condition). Neither player wants to be the one to resign.

The game has gone over the hotfix, past 24 real life hours and 40 in-game hours.

Although this match is a rare case, might it not be a good idea to either offer a draw option when the game duration goes to tens of hours or some other game-ending factor like regrowing trees?


How? Are they literally both sitting there not doing anything? Or are they doing stuff, but it is a total stalemate? Either way, it sounds like T90 might have a new longest game ever if he wanted to cast that.


They’ve both streamed and are still streaming whole game. T90 already visited their chats and made it clear there was no way he would cast this mess but someone else claimed he later said on his stream he would make some kind of video about it.


if something like this is “not doing anything” then… yes :smiley:


Now I want to make a scenario that does that. It looks so cute. Or recreate it in a game, although maybe with a different unit.


Both players’ monasteries were destroyed and all trees on the map were cut, so both players have their castles around. Rubenstock has Hussars and Camel Archers, Andre has Berserkers and some villagers. Andre also destroyed their market so Rubenstock wouldn’t be able to trade with it just in case.

Rubenstock can destroy the castle if Andre is AFK, because he can draw castle fire with one hussar and dodge, but Andre can’t do that even if Rubenstock is AFK, because of the Camel Archers I guess.

It is a pure stalemate really. Rubenstock even went on a date last night during the game.

Edit: Apparently Rubenstock has already destroyed one castle while Andre was asleep.


that`s some epic AoE going on there!!!

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I am for adding an infinite gold pile (maybe at 50-75% collection rate or regrowing at a certain speed) to the middle of the map. This should avoid like 99 % of all the remaining “stall game” scenarios.
Also encourages players to be more proactive in general.

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In sumo its gyojis role to encourages wrestlers to be more proactive. Take a look at this bout between Terunofuji and Ichinojo. One of the longest bouts in the post-war history of sumo. (To those of you who are unfamiliar with sumo, any bout over 30 seconds is considered long)

Around 3rd minute both wrestlers have already “run out of their resources” and are clinched in a stalemate. Notice then how at 4:30 the gyouji takes decision to give a “mizuire” (a water intake break), essentially giving them a bit of resources and rejuvenating their spirit. After which the wrestlers engage each other with refreshed vigor and the bout ends soon after.

Point is: it may be a nice idea to introduce that “gyoji” concept. Like regrowing trees and berry bushes, or huntables migrating into the map.

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That’s what feitorias are for.

IF this was a tournament game then a rule would be needed to win by points after some time.

But this is just a, ranked game and fun.

No need to change anything


That’s why i said, the game need Trade Workshops for every civ

Feitorias are a unique building available only to Portuguese.

It would depend on the tournament rules or admin decision on how stalemates would be handled. It could also be decided for the match to be replayed.

Yes, this is a ranked game and it is fun. But how is that a good argument for not implementing something to break stalemates or give draws after absurd amounts of time? We obviously can’t implement admins and tournament rules to all ranked games and why should a satisfactory solution to stalemates be a privilege given only to tournament games?

How would the average game which ends within an hour be affected by something that only comes into effect after 5, 10, 15 hours?


Add the relic and Wonder victory and after (dunno) 10 hours make a default winning by points

If I play Portuguese and aiming for such a situation to win, then any changes are detriment that force game ends

Its just a ranked game, whoever lost interest can always resign if he doesn’t feel like continuing the stslement

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You have that much free time? to look at a screen for 5 real hours and wait for the other guy to run out of res so you can win? xD

i think it would be easier to simply create a countdown after 5 or 10 hours, like 200 in game years, and once it reaches 0 the player with the most score wins. :man_shrugging:

I’ve got a simple solution. If ranked games go over 10 hours, disconnect the players from the server and do not award any points (call it a draw).

This ‘game’ is taking up a game slot on the Microsoft servers which will be costing them money. It’s better for all of us for Microsoft to look to keep their costs down by not allowing insane length ranked games. The cost of servers has to come from somewhere, and ultimately that is us players.

To be honest, matches that last for a long time are usually lost by the player who has to resign because he has to do something in real life…
I wouldn’t have a problem with ranked 1v1 matches being time limited to 2 hours in-game time and then ending with the scoreleader winning.

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Eh, that would make me win games where I might sometimes lose - if anything 5 hours.
We wouldn’t want an incentive for people to want to hide villagers just because they have higher points yet no further chance to rebuild properly.

All that said, I’m for no time limits unless specifically set by the players.

Best solution:
Real LAN Modus or like the HD Edition, after connected the game is LAN based between the players.

From their games, the natural resources on the map seem to be depleted within 2.5 or 3 hours of the game at the latest. Maybe introduce a mandatory victory condition for pvp, when the game reaches three hours, whoever holds more relics or existing wonders for a longer time wins directly.