Enable all civ garrison Mills with livestock to produce food

  • Yes. All civ should able to garrison Mills with livestock to produce food
  • No. garrison Mills should be DISABLE as usual

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There are three reasons

  1. better nerf Gurjaras (and Sicilians)
    Gurjaras is in god tier after the release of the DLC and still very op after nerfing patch to patch. It will be a indirect nerf to Gurjaras and Gurjaras will still good because the best part of Gurjaras garrison Mills is that Gurjaras Start with 2 Forage Bushes and TC won’t be idle and vill do not need to kill any sheep with those exact bushes

  2. Deer push issue
    recently there are few debate around the push deer issue. Pro players are so good that they can push two deer and still perform a pre-mill drush but most of the average player can only push one deer + pro-mill drush. And If pushing deer is NOT an intented design which bring too many RNG (yes luring boar is also not intented but it is quite stable and become part of the game), and if the skill level require to pushing two deer + pre-mill drush is too hard, I think this can be a issue and need to be addressed.

I think one of the method to address this issue is that by allowing all civ to garrison mills with sheep, so that players can be more flexible to choosing their stratgy like take the berry first and then eat the sheep when being rushed.

  1. QOL
    Allowing player to garrison mills is kind of QOL function so that low elo player can just garrison the mill without feeding the sheep one by one. For average or pro player they can choose whether they garrison or not, if so, how many do they garrison. So that the tempo of the game can be more diversify.

Not to mention that xbox joystick aoe2 is coming and garrison mills with livestock instead of feeding one by one would be nice

  1. why not?
    Last but the least, garrison mills is so fun. When you hit your opponent mill with a flag, all animals comes out and you can take them home. Which like the alpha version of aoe2 that some civ scout can kidnap opponent villagers. but now you can kidnap their sheep which is really cool

Why do you want to make aoe in to swgb?


Hahaha, hilarious! No, the average player can’t perform a pre-mill drush, and can’t (or at least can’t be bothered to) push deer.


Yes, that why more QOL feature should be introduce like Team Game share vision from dark age

Agreed. And also add villagers garrisoning in houses for all civs. It makes no sense that only one civilisation figured out they can run in their houses and lock the door from the inside. :roll_eyes:


It would kind of be a nerf for the Huns, I think.


Yes and the civ garrison mills will be kind of nerf to khmer

Give Huns ability to build houses but just cheaper than the houses of the other civs. Also houses could still not contribute to their population so they dont have tomake them if they dont want. They can just be a safe place for villagers.