Enable Churches In Age 1

allow churches and monasteries in age 1 while disabling spies. give ottomans an age 1 mosque wagon.

also move the royal decree/atonement cards to age 1 as well and make them double their xp trickle.

give all native civs a plaza wagon as well to encourage early game usage, and grant it a passive xp trickle.


This would be good, but Monastery do no provide xp to begin with. As a side effect this means that China is the only civ in the game without a meaningful way of getting an alternative xp income if not by TPs

china has a wonder.

anyhow they are actually adding an experience trickle next patch.

That is only for empire wars, not in a normal game i think

it affects all modes, according to the devs.


Read my words with care

The wonder is Porcelain Tower Porcelain Tower | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

  1. You can only get the xp income by going for the “all resources trickle” options, when 90% of the time, you want it in wood.
  2. 0.18xp in Age II or 0.25xp in Age III is not a significant/viable amount of xp income by any means. Not even if you build it in Age V do you get the same as a simple church trickle.
  3. The new changes only apply for Empire Wars as someone pointed out. If you have a reference from a developer saying otherwise I’ll be ofc happily corrected.

@BjornViking20 This is in the “November PUP availabe” post.

hmm maybe a disciple outlaw rush is viable in age 2 now maybe?

I tried using the monastery in age 1 but its too inefficient in any existing BO.

good to have options atleast.

Oh yeah I read that too. But the fact that he says “at the moment” implies that they are not necessarily here to stay.

Yeah well we’ve talked about this in the past so perhaps you remember me saying that disciples/White Pagoda are currently lacking for this to be a viable option.

Completely agree. China can have one or two more than viable BO but having the possibility for diversity of choice and creativity is another matter. Another example are flamethrowers; China has some good anti infantry options but to have FT become a viable unit (supremacy) for different build orders would be more than welcome (and way better than just letting them rot as a meme).

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well the point is with the monastery now also acting as a lesser TP + barracks you can go for white pagoda age 2, get the upgrades ( so that would be + 70% in age 2 total I think ) and combined with say overpoping disciple in age 1 with the 5 disciple card (forgot if they fixed that overpop error yet) so you push with 13-ish disciple + whatever outlaws you can train + shipments since the monastery provide exp. Probably best with african outlaws to maximise OPness.

Its cheese but it might be good cheese

Right right! I’ve actually been trying something like that myself. The problem is that your eco kinda lacks behind and your age up is even slower than usual (which is a lot to say for the slowest civ to age up normally).

Besides that, disciples die like veeery easily to a few pikes or musk (and can’t deal as much damage as they would like to to their counters since they don’t snare). The other day I saw Aiz trying out disciple rush and the 1 samurai you get with Japan was reking 8 White Pagoda buffed disciples lol

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oh yeah a samurai should win that easily, if the reverse was true then samurais would be even shittier then they already are, they cost only 80 food and no pop space afterall.

The way to go with such a build would be like sending ckn or even madarin duck squad for support, and maybe not against a heavy musk civ, and also be done as a forward.