Enable Germany to Train Skirmisher in Age 2

If the designers want to keep different characteristics between different nations, at least allow Germany to train skirmisher in age 2 like Netherlands to improve its early fighting capacity. Especially during the period of aging up to 3, the uhlan is the only unit that can both be trained and still keep its power in age 3. Because there is no musketeer, Germany has to train the crossbowman to conter the heavy infantry. However, Unlike France can transform its crossbowman into skirmisher by tiralleurs, it is awkward for Germany to make a good use of this archaic army. Let alone France has musketeer!


germany gets mercenaries as early as age 2.

Germany doesn’t need buffs.


The 4 landsknechts?..

This point…

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If it were up to me, any skirmish (except archaic) should be available in fortress age

I prefeer…

Buff/rework doppel.

New mercenary shipments in age 2.

New military shipment in church/card.


I think more like:

Give Dutch Crossbowman, move Skirm to age3.

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precisa de nerfs na realidade Alemanha na era 2 e 3 seus embarques são muitos fortes ulan de graça acumulam muito rapido

Could change the church card’s free carded mercs (which is worst since DE anyway) and have a coin cost for some skirms, unlocking them an age early. Making it a card + resources to unlock, but giving Germany a potential age 2 play if needed

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Os alemães se saem bem no ataque, mas se forem atacados primeiro, o jogador alemão estará em apuros.

The problem is crossbow is too weak to counter heavy infantry, while German don’t have musket. So german is the worst civ to face musket civ like japan.

German is a tier A civ now. But it still need some adjustment imo.

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I do not think this card is often used.

This sounds more like a reason to buff doppels and xbows than give skirmishers to germans.

It sounds bad having units only viable one age. It would be better if veteran xbows could stay somehow competitive to skirmishers in age 3 (as anti HI and anti LC) and only falls off in age 4. You just need a skirmishers counter such as cannons or heavy cavalry to beat skirmishers (as skirmishers outrange xbows)

Pikes/doppels + xbows + cannons should be a viable composition in age 3. Same for Ulans + xbows.

It is the same for aztecs btw, they have an akward transition to age 3 as you often want to switch to knight units.

How about buffing their multiplier against HI from 1.25 to 1.5 or 1.75 ? Or nerf all muskets type units base damage in general ?

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or change tiralleurs to a technology researchable in barrack

germany already has this. the card is 700c, you pay 1200f and 300c and the tech is “The Exiled Prince”


I really like this idea. I never understood why they have such a mediocre multiplier vs HI if they’re supposed to be a HI counter. I would increase it to x1.75 to put it more in line with other light infantry.

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i think people need to understand that archer type units aren’t meant to hard counter heavy infantry, they are sort of a soft counter similar to how musketeers soft counter dragoon type units.


If you want to play ger age 2, there is the kaiserklein palentine settlement outlaw build.

U do need to be Kaiserklein to be good at it.

if anything this build might be broken with the african outlaws