Enable limited Urumi in late game

As Urumi’s are becoming less of a sight, specially in team, treaty and late games. I would like to suggest to make urumis enabled from a building upto a certain limit(10 or 15), similar to Nizam fusilier in age4.

Welcoming all insights.


Cool, even if you already have 9 infinite urumi, in the late or if they allow you in mid and you set yourself well with the economy you can make 20 cows and get a lot of xp, on maps with sheep or cows it’s even better, if you can take tp and also build the monastery is really good and you scale expeditions very fast so you manage to get 9 urumi + 9 urumi in a very short time, I did it myself in many games where I even rode with urumi because I had so many yaks and cows.
However, something like this would have to be tested, but in this way you could train 15 urumi + 9 expeditions which causes a big problem, to make 24 urumis you would basically have to use 3 expeditions (they become 27 but that’s ok) so it means that in terms of xp you’re saving a lot. Basically India does not need this mechanism.

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Im not saying for them to be trained and called from card. Im suggesting the limit will include trained as well as carded Urumis.

So either you train or you call from card , u cant go beyond 15 Urumis.

Maybe the Mansabdar Urumi card can enable that and can be made an infinite card. And then maybe we remove 9 infinite urumi

Mansabdar Urumi are retrainable from Charminar Gate. I know it’s only one guy but he’s got 2x hp which is nice.

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Yes Mansabdar is trainable but it can also enable normal urumis from some other building like barracks/TC/Castle/Monastry etc

I would prefer TC or Monastry but open to any other suggestions

Yeah, rockets are better by a lot. Other infinite shipments (but crates) dont make sense neither cause natives nerf


He’s kinda right IMO. If you want Urumis right now and the Mansabdar, you need two cards in your deck, why not unify the cards to ship and enable the Mansabdar with the first shipment and then turning into the infinite shipment afterwards. The better solution to me though would be what OP suggested initially. The Mansabdar card enables the training of 10-20 Urumis on top of sending and enabling the Mansabdar.


I would say that the 2nd option is excellent infinite masnandar with urumi and limit to 15 maybe it’s the right thing even if I liked to make an army of urumi and raid with them, nobody expects that

Maybe we can remove rocket launchers card and let their training in castles by card

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Yea that card is very much useless IMO.

Instead, when you age up, to age4, then urumis should be enabled, from TC or Castle or Monastry.

and rest of the cards can remain the same.

But the cards and buildings should be affected by unit count limit

Theoretically this could also apply to other card only units, like spahi. Maybe give them a small limit to be trainable, like 5? And the card uses different limits. I know balance can be a concern but is cool to have those limited use units seen more often. Maybe through a mechanic similar to papal units.

Thought about that but, that would be too dangerous.


We could limit spahi to just 2 and urumi to 6-8 for training purposes. Cards would be unlimited ofc.

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So it looks more like a nerf than a mechanic change, infinite expedition in 4 ages from 9 urumi decreasing the max trainable urumi to 6 or 8 is a good nerf which india doesn’t need this nerf.
In my opinion we have 2 ways: 1 make the card 8 urumi + 1 masnandar infinite or 7 urumi + 1 masnadar always infinite and remove 9 urumi infinite but urumi and masnandar urumi are not trainable.
The 2nd way is to remove the infinite 9 urumi shipment and change the 9 urumi+1masnandar shipment to this: Ship 7 urumi +masnandar and the urumi are trainable via castle or barracks and masnandar in wonder (the exact cost of these shipments I don’t remember them as a result the cost will also be changed), the urumi will be trained for a maximum of 10.
I don’t like the papal unit system, it seems not very convenient especially if you make a sort of fi or semi fi and you want to send these urumi but you also have to send other cards or in team game situations where you have many yaks and you are also producing cows, a possible situation in 3v3 and 4v4 in mid game, so you will get a lot of xp and a lot of shipments to follow it doesn’t seem like a nice mechanic for india.

Let’s say this is just a game mechanic change of civilization which has nothing to do with the balance because they are not a concern in competitive games and are counterable units.
I still prefer to invest in 9+9 urumi because it is very nice to have a mass of urumi.

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I mean there would be 2 different limits. One for cards, one for trainable.

So you say you train them with a limit of 8 and also be able to send the card at the same time, good instead it sounds buffed and like nerf india it doesn’t need nerfs of this type and buffs, think in team game but also in 1v1 as soon as you arrive in 4 ages you send the 9 urumi card or 9 urumi+masnandar and train another 8 urumi, it would be devastating, to do what you would have to send 2 times the infinite 9 urumi card with the difference that you have 1 less urumi or 1 time 9 urumi+masnandar+9 paper urumi to have that i would say having both i think is too good. If, on the other hand, you say you can send them but at the same time you can train them and both having the same urumi limit that you can have in the field it is different but also useless to send them because if you can train them and have a maximum shareable even through shipments at this saving point 1 card and 1 shipment or multiple shipments. I’d say you can’t get both if you don’t want to mess up the balance.

Since they are talking about units that should not be trained in a standard way, like the spahi, why not also talk about the Urumi?

I think that this unit should be enabled from age 4 with a limit (limited to create, but not to send from the metropolis), but in the agra fort. It would be a good reason to build one in the late game, since most of the time it builds in the early game.

Lose the agra fort and lost every way of making urumi, not a good idea but a big nerf and civilization change

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