Enabling DEBUGSPEEDS with MS Store Version

Does anybody know how to enable 4X and 8X speeds with the Microsoft Store version of DE?

Does anyone know how to enable it?

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I don’t like bumping topics but I need an answer.

I don’t know, and quick Google search didn’t give good results. You should try contacting them directly via email:


(Or whatever link you get when navigating the Support tab of this forum)

Maybe point to this thread, too, to show how you tried for at least a month to learn the answer

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It’s a Steam-only feature. :frowning_face:

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Wow, that’s too bad! I’ve seen a number of examples since launch where it makes me happy I got the Steam version rather than Windows Store version. Is surprising, since Microsoft owns the Microsoft Store and had AoE2:DE created. But there have definitely been a handful of issues I’ve seen since launch where the MS Store version has some issues that the Steam version doesn’t; or lacks some bells & whistles that the Steam version has.

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