End the alt+f4 spam

All of those that play MP know that this days it takes quite a while to play any team game, the reason is usually quite simple, many peoples only want to play 1 map, or at least they don’t want to play most of the maps (most of them forced through the map rotation even though the majority of players don’t like them). What do this players do? alt+f4 every time the map is set is not the one they want.

It has been discused on AoEZone allready, and the easiest solution is simply to allow for infinite bans, if a player only wants to play Arabia or Arena, let them, ok, they will have to wait for more time, they had to wait for more time anyway. This way those of us who don’t care if it’s 4 lakes / mr / nomad / arabia won’t have to lose time aswell waiting for arabia/arena to show up, because it’s the only map the alt+f4’ers want.


It is already discussed here multiple times.

Just a recent example. You might wanna try the search engine first, before starting a new thread about the same subject. I think threads like will pop up weekly.

I prefer a different solution, that is time penalties for quitters. That makes much more sense. If you just want to play one map only, then you go to the lobby and host your own games with your preferred settings. It make no sense to annoy people by quitting, because the quitter dont like the rules of ranked.


Won’t work. Nothing to stop players from insta-resigning games, or even simply just going AFK in them. So it will just create a lot more problems if this is implemented.

I prefer a different solution: let’s make the ranked queue Arabia-only, and it’s people who want to play weird maps that go into the lobby. It makes no sense to have maps like BF or Team Islands in ranked.

If you don’t like this solution, well guess what, that’s exactly what you proposed, except this time you’re on the wrong side of the board…

Can you detail why the Arabia players should not be allowed to play ranked, when it’s by far the most competitive map in the game AND the most popular ?


Oh, hi kettle. Nice to see you again.

Yeah… That’s not anything remotely close to what he said. You don’t want to argue against his point (that it’s not good to ditch games, and we should be stopping people from doing so repeatedly) so you strawman him and tell everyone who doesn’t play arabia to go play public games… when all he’s asking is to have something in place to stop people ditching games.

Why don’t you argue with that, instead of ignoring and disrespecting arguments?

Oh, really simply. Because it’d annoy you. That what you wanted to hear?

Arabia players can play ranked like everyone else. Key phrasing here: like everyone else. As in, since everyone queues up knowing what maps are available, if they don’t get their favorite map, they should still play it out in respect for their opponent like everyone else. If they can’t stand playing with the same rules as everyone else they should use the setting that allows them to set their own rules.


Time penalty is a terrible idea. What will ultimately end up happening is AOEII being the hot buggy mess that it is will start punishing people for its own crashes, which is very insulting.

Also I disagree with your attacking him for a duplicate post. Sometimes you need to keep fighting for an obviously necessary change. Problems don’t just go away because of forum etiquette.


Right now in Kellar’s stream, they got Arabia but was Alt f4 ed 11

It is. Compare both sentences:

Next point:

That is an irrelevant thing to debate now. 90% of Alt-F4s are caused by a stupid map pool. Hence, the issue to solve first, is stupid map pool, not Alt-F4.

This sentence makes no sense. If they are Arabia players, they shouldn’t get matched on non-Arabia maps at all. A matchmaker should not match players together if they want to play with incompatible settings.


Never thought I’d get as much legwork out of a quote as I am now.

Out of context, it sounds like a reasonable jab.

Within the settings, he’s only insinuating that you should host your own game if you’re planning on quitting if you get a setting you don’t like. He’s not only talking about the “one true map” brigade even though we both know he could since the arabia-only crowd is the ingroup in the Alt-F4 problem.

Arabia players who join the matchmaking queue are matchmaking players. The system doesn’t care what map they prefer. If you want a system that cares for what players want to play when they connect, that’s what the lobby system is for. It exists.


At this point what we need is infinite bans BUT for the ALT F4 babies.

Hey listen, this system is perfect, in the queue you can select a preferred map that you may play the more people preferred the same
Everybody can vote for their favorite map every now and then
We have a ban system for those intolerants

What could ever go wrong? 11

Playing the same (type of) map over and over can be fun for a while but is not good for the game. Map style variety encourages diferent strategies, variety is richness, and gives the opportunity to shine to some civs and units we dont (ever) see often

We have really good map designers in the community, just look at past tournaments

Whoever started this selfish trend of ALT F4 thinking only in his needs, has gone away with it for too long, at what cost? congrats you sociopath! You have ruined a matchmake designed to please everybody
I have seen a few times this behavior justified; Yes by ALT F4 we are fighting to make the game better! we need to change this matchmaking! I want this! I want that! we are warriors!
Dont try it, please dont
If you want to change this sort of democratic system that is this matchmaking we have…with the tyranny of the majority … (arabia/arena/bf) then go, but ALT F4 is not the way, could be an easy way for you, but not others.

And this is coming from a 10 year old arabia huns only and 5 year old black forest only player

PD. @AKasasPoxo pocholoooooooooooooooooooo!


What else is there left to say?
A Ranked Lobby System would let everyone play what he wants, eliminating the problem


+1. This is personally important to me. Because I can’t play the same map more than 3-4 times in a day. I just absolutely get sick of repeating the same thing all day. (Which is yet another reason why I appreciate pro players being able to grind out games on the same map days on end)

I used to be able to grind out Arabia games days on end, but I’m finding the map a lot less varied and enjoyable than it was back in voobly days.

The only map I’d be able to play non-stop nowadays is probably Nomad

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the real question is why the developers are still silent about this issue?

they don’t plan to make any fix till all the threads of the forum are about this alt-f4 thing.


just another example of bias over an broken system well not really broken but alt f4er who think its broken eventho we just need to stop the inflation and punish alt f4er with time penalities since stubborn minds wont learn that there are 2 different enviroments the lobby where you can choose you map freely and play desired maps ( especially for the 1 true map players) and ranked where there is a basline of tos that you agree when joining the ranked Lobby accept the current map pool ( that you also can have influence on) and dont dodge since it ruins fun for the others

just accept it and dont make it harder because of dellusional thinking of maps that dont fit or a broken system ( that is barely broken) just with a sprayed ankle of tg elo inflation)


Not sure whats your TG experience and ELO, but I would say every other game of mine has someone with a 40% win rate on it. This in combination with a gimmicky map (lets say Budapest from last rotation) leads to a altf4 from me. If I could see the 40% WR player on the opposite team I would altf4 too. Not interested in imbalanced matchups and the gimmicky maps make it worse for the less skilled players.

Take this as an example:

Leaderboard Rank Rating Highest Rating Games Streak Wins Losses Win %
Team RM #5901 2356 2480 1933 +2 773 1160 40%

Dude has lost 400 more games than he won. Every single team he joins has a lower chance at winning because of this imbalance. This dude must be frustrated too, that he losts so much (or perhaps he is happy to say he is a 2400 ELO, idk).

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Yes, the solution to the problem is to give the players what they actually want, rather than continuing to provide them options they don’t want and then be surprised when they abuse the system to make it more like the system they actually want.

Which is why I’ve suggested that the arabia and arena only players should be moving to the lobby system and then petitioning DE to implement ELO tracking for public matches a-la voobly. To get a system they actually want instead of ruining the experience for the crowd of people who like the map variety in Matchmaking. Instead of what they’re doing now, which is continually quitting out of games that don’t fit their preferences and then stonewalling arguments to try to stop that behavior.


Considering that 70-80% of the games are played in Arabia / Arena, wouldnt it be statistically wiser to move the players that want to play the other maps to Lobby, instead of alienating 70% of the playerbase from Matchmaking? I am sure a good number of players that have Arabia as the preferred map do not mind to play other maps occasionally… If they now start searching for games in the Lobby, than matchmaking would be left with a small percentage of the playerbase and the situation would be even worse than it is?

Also for Lobby games the host select the server before he knows who his opponent is. Many opportunities will be missed as people filter by their preferred server whilst that could be one halfway that works for both… One of the great benefits of matchmaking.


I was hoping the title “End the alt+f4 Spam” was in reference to the spam of discussions being made about this topic 11. But here we are, arguing the same points again.

By the way, I still hold that even with this issue, the ladder is better then the old system.


They can play whatever they want. You make it sound like we’re segregating the playerbase. In reality, they can play all the same options as they do now, we’re just making a currently underused, underdeveloped option better. What’s actually alienating people from matchmaking is being unable to play different maps because an undesired map selection gets alt-F4’d.

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No, Arabia only players should go and host custom games. Playing only Arabia is insanely boring (after a while anyway, i mean come on who wants to really play 15 arabia/day?), and a lot of these players are super weak for their elo on other maps.

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