End the alt+f4 spam

All of those that play MP know that this days it takes quite a while to play any team game, the reason is usually quite simple, many peoples only want to play 1 map, or at least they don’t want to play most of the maps (most of them forced through the map rotation even though the majority of players don’t like them). What do this players do? alt+f4 every time the map is set is not the one they want.

It has been discused on AoEZone allready, and the easiest solution is simply to allow for infinite bans, if a player only wants to play Arabia or Arena, let them, ok, they will have to wait for more time, they had to wait for more time anyway. This way those of us who don’t care if it’s 4 lakes / mr / nomad / arabia won’t have to lose time aswell waiting for arabia/arena to show up, because it’s the only map the alt+f4’ers want.


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