Enemies cancel the game when are loosing

I don’t know exactly how it’s done. But many times the game crashes (due to a network error or something like that, the message says). I suspect that it is something that can be caused since it always happens to us winning and it has never happened to us in an unfavorable situation. It is strange, yesterday it happened to us 2 times in a row (that we were devastating) and today the same, about to end and the game “falls”. Very rare. Does anyone experience something like this?

Something like this?

or this?

Hi, i didn’t read about these topics. The first of these

I may be a little out of topic here but while we’re on the subject: if someone forfeits because you’re about to win, the win condition should still be counted. The other day I was doing the French wonder mastery in 1v1, got my wonder built and untouchable, got the 20 traders, and the enemy disconnected before the wonder victory happened so the mastery didn’t count. I was filling all requirements but the opponent called it gg early. It should have still counted as wonder victory imo.

Same happened to us in our 2vs2 match. See here the thread: Game crashed for all team playing

maybe he disconnecta his connection and game breaks, if i rremember well that u could do ina aoe3 also.

After much investigating, me an my brother have found that the match crashing for all players mid match, or not saving a replay or counting the game in your history at the end, is usually caused by “grouping”. I read through my warnings.log file on each crash and there is always some sort of sync of group issue when it happens. If you play custom matches, avoid using groups and the problems go away. In quick match, you cannot avoid groups however if playing with more than 1 person. I have submitted a couple bugs in regards to the match crash and replay crash/match not saving but nobody has mentioned that these are linked to groups (Which explains why lots of people don’t experience them). Best bet is to avoid groups for now until Relic figures out there’s something wrong with their group system.

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Nice find! It’s true that this happened when I was playing inside a group when the rival crashed our game.

Happened to me right now in 4v4.

I made fast wonder on 17 min. mark.

One of enemy players leaved and suddenly after 1 min de-synch. problem?