Game crashed for all team playing

I was playing with my friend 2vs2 a online quick match and when we are rushing them and we are 2-3 seconds to destroy the last landmark of the enemy we both suddenly get kicked of the game to the windows desktop.

We think that the reason was that the enemy was the host of the match and he rage quit with an alt+F4 and that crashed our game too. I have to say that I play every day from the release day of the game and never crashed before, so that’s why we think that a rage quit of a host can crash the game of the other players.


@ReyNess sorry to hear you ran into this. We have tested this scenario extensively and this typically doesn’t happen. If you are able to contact support here with your warnings.log file, we may be able to glean some useful information though.

Either way, I’ll keep my eye out for additional reports of this. If this is happening, it is definitely something we want to curtail.

Appreciate the report!

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Thank you @SavageEmpire566 but I’ve opened the warnings.log file and appears only the last sesion played and the crash was from a days. It’s not a problem because as I told you only happened once to my friend and I together, and never crashed again, but I think is better for your to know if happen to more players.

Nice work and keep it up!

This is an ongoing problem for me. I have submitted a few warning.log files and I think it may have something to do with the grouping system, but not 100%. When I play custom games in a group, theres usually a problem, either with match crash for all players at some point or replay/game not being recorded in the end with an error screen after the match. Once we stopped playing as a group (Just an invite to custom match sent), the problems seemed to have gone away

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So we can say that if any player of a match disconnects from the match with an alt f4 or simply unplug Internet, all group players will be kicked out due to a group play bug?

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Just happened to me in 4v4 match - It would be a clear win for my team but one of the enemy team leaved and after 1 min we all dropped with de-synch. problem

After major bugs exploits this has to be fixed as well otherwise we are on the same spot.

You were also playing inside a group with friends?

Nono it was with randoms

You were playing alone but a 4v4 could have your other 3 or 2 mates of your team playing as a group and you don’t know.