Enemies fully upgraded in custom campaign scenarios in which I am restricted to Castle Age

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  • GAME BUILD #: 85614
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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In several scenarios of custom campaigns, the scenario rules temporarily or fixedly limit my civ to Castle Age (i.e. I must complete a specific secondary objective first to enable Imperial Age, or it is outright disabled until I win the scenario) but not my enemies, which can research Imperial Age and all their late upgrades freely. This leads to very unfair games, in which I am forced to defend myself from post-Imperial army attacks (in many cases too early for my difficult settings) with a Castle Age army or attack full-powered enemies with a mediocre CA army.

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  • 50% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start one of the first scenarios of certain custom campaigns in which Imperial Age is initially or perennially disabled for me, such as “The Teutonic Order”, “Gaegyeong”, and “Mehmed the Conqueror”
  2. Play the game limited to Castle Age
  3. Be attacked, sometimes too early, by overpowered, fully upgraded, Imperial Age armies or raids, or try to attack an unfairly powerful army with a troop limited to Castle Age upgrades

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I should play at Standard difficulty with not so huge difficulties, with the enemy armies being able to advance to Imperial Age only after it is enabled for me (or permanently limited to Castle Age just like my civ), and their AI triggering them to attack with more power and upgrades later in the game, giving me time to collect resources, research upgrades and train at least my defense troops.

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-AUTOSAVE-.aoe2spgame (1.3 MB)

Actually I’m in doubt whether this is a bug in the game itself, which may have broken some trigger of age advancement or attack of these enemies in those scenarios, or is it a problem in the AI or in some trigger of the scenario itself regarding some poorly configured trigger, in which the creator needs to manually adjust it.

not sure if this is a bug? are you sure its not intended for the ai to be able to get to imp?

I’m not so sure. At least they shouldn’t advance and attack with imperial strength so early at Standard difficulty.

i mean these are custom campaigns so i dont know how much the creators actually edit it for the different difficulties. Probably better to take it up with the creators of the campaign. It just sounds like the campaign is too hard rather than being a bug

side note: which custom campaigns do u recommend? Been wanting to play a few of them but havent gotten around to it.

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There are many good campaigns. The campaigns I recommend the most are those made by PhillySouljah - I love PhillySouljah’s campaigns! :heart_eyes:

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This is not a bug. Those community designers who made those custom campaigns likely designed them this way intentionally as part of the challenge.

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That makes sense. What a pity that those campaigns were not designed with casual players, who don’t like very difficult challenges, in mind as well.